Wrestling Roundup: January 20, 2020


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Sylvain Grenier Returning to WWE as Agent

One half of La Resistance is back in WWE as a backstage agent. Sylvain Grenier confirmed in an interview with TVA Sports that he has returned to the company in a backstage role (h/t WrestlingInc). He is training in his new role, and started last week at a live event in Lexington, Kentucky.

Grenier is best known in WWE as half of La Resistance. He is a four-time WWE Tag Team Champion, having three reigns with Rob Conway and one with Rene Dupree.

Jazzy Gabert: Free Agent?

According to her Twitter, Jazzy Gabert is now a free agent. With just a simple tweet, it seems that Jazzy Gabert has left NXT UK. 

She also posted a picture of a reset button on her Instagram with the following caption:

“I will press the RESET button!! I will be OFFLINE for a short while! Need a change! Will change! Body, mind and soul needs a break!! 10 days of fasting, including keeping off from social media, is the first step. Second one, which I look most forward too is changing my look! And i change my profession… one came to an end and one is rising like a Phoenix. Watch out for it! Thank you for being on this journey.”

Latest From FPC on SportsCastr

It seems that professional wrestling may not be where Gabert pops back up, but it will be exciting to see what she has in store next.

Goldberg Versus Roman Reigns Coming Soon?

This is taking a couple leaps, but could the next Saudi Arabia marquee match be Roman Reigns versus Goldberg? When addressing why he punches a pad during his entrance, Reigns took a shot at Goldberg’s propensity for headbutting doors. Goldberg responded, so is this a feud in the making?

WWE loves to bring in old, established names for Saudi shows. With another Saudi show rumored for the end of February, now would be the time for WWE to start building towards it.

One for the Road:

What year is it!?


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