2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Michael Pittman, Jr.

Position: Wide Receiver

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 220 pounds

School: University of Southern California



Blessed with long limbs, Pittman allows his quarterback to enjoy a greater margin of error. The catch radius brings a sense of being less than precise and still connecting. With his size, Pittman will bring the threat of a wideout that can correct errant passes.

Route Running

If given a free release, like most wideouts, Pittman easily flows in and out of his cuts. However, at the next level, he must bring his ability to drive off the snap into his cuts. While minimal, it needs quick correction. In the red zone, look for Pittman to use his physicality to body, even box out smaller corners.


No one will mistake him for a burner. On the other hand, Pittman generates enough of a long stride to gobble yards. With the ball, he displays enough burst to become a concern for defenses.

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Raiders Fit

Between the lead spot and Hunter Renfrow as the clear slot wideout, the Raiders lack the top two receivers. Tyrell Williams, after a strong start, failed to cement himself as a number one target. Granted, an injury did slow him down. Yet, there was no number two. Zay Jones and a host of others continued to fail in providing the team with any consistent outside threat.

Why Pittman?

Jon Gruden appreciates some degree of familiarity. That’s why Greg Olson returned. Despite the obvious objections of many, Tom Cable found his way back. Tangentially, Pittman makes sense for the Raiders. he’s the son of former Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Michael Pittman. The elder Pittman played for Gruden, winning a Super Bowl. On the field, the younger Pittman checks the boxes for what Gruden loves in a wideout. First, his size presents an absolute nightmare for corners. He can easily muscled them, fighting them off for positioning.

Next, Pittman can leap above corners and fight for contested catches. Yet, under the radar, Pittman’s ability to block on the perimeter immediately jumps off the screen. When Josh Jacobs gets to the second level, he will need to have downfield blocking. Pittman currently profiles as a Day Two selection. With three third-round picks, the Raiders could slot Pittman into a second wideout spot. Provided the Raiders attack free agency for a wideout to man the top spot, a rookie as a number-two makes sense.

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