What are some Royal Rumbles to watch to get excited for 2020?

It is the best event WWE puts on annually. Yes, I am including Wrestlemania in that discussion. The Royal Rumble match is one of the best spectacles in wrestling. Between the surprise entrances and wild eliminations, it’s a great hour or so of wrestling every January. Now that we get two Rumble matches on the show, it’s double the fun.

How should you get excited for the Royal Rumble? Well, by watching old Royal Rumble matches of course! Here are three of the best ones to watch (relatively spoiler-free) to get pumped up for Royal Rumble 2020

2002 Royal Rumble

The 2001 Royal Rumble match gets a lot of glory, and rightfully so. It’s one of the most star-studded affairs and has an incredible performance from Kane. However, the 2002 rumble match is a whole lot of fun. It has good surprise returns, and an extremely surprising Tough Enough elimination.

There is a superhero who tries to do too much, and a nearly perfect ending. It has all of the stars of the Attitude Era in one place, including Kurt Angle, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Big Show, Triple H, and Rob Van Dam. For pure fun, this is one of the best options.

The WWE Network link for the match is here.

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2010 Royal Rumble

One of the things that Royal Rumble matches do best is set up Wrestlemania storylines. One of the key storylines here was Shawn Michaels’ quest to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania once more after falling short the year before. Watching him throughout the match is an incredible story. This rumble also starts with a fantastic performance by Straight Edge Saviour era CM Punk, and ends with a tremendous sequence. If you’re a fan of the Ruthless Aggression Era into the PG Era, this one has a lot of your favorites.

The WWE Network link for the match is here.

2018 Men’s Royal Rumble

The 2018 men’s rumble match is the best one to come out of the last few years. Going into the show, the field for winners was much more wide open than in years past. No one really knew who would win, which made the field that much more exciting.

The match featured a great showdown of old favorites versus new stars, and another heroic return. Add to that some excellent performances from NXT, and you’ve got a great rumble to get you hyped. 

The WWE Network link for the match is here.

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