Buffalo Sabres: Things We Know this Week


Lawrence Pilut has been called up from Rochester as quickly as he was sent down. He played extremely well in his last six games at the NHL level which resulted in other players being healthy scratches. Good problem to have.

The Sabres leadership simply wanted him to get a little playing time while Buffalo is on the break. This is the second season that he has earned the AHL All-Star recognition and will fail to participate due to being called up to the big league. I will not get into any debates if the Sabres are better than the Amerks as “Negative Stanley” argued with his posse. Stanley has made it clear that Pilut is not being rewarded in this situation. He is missing out on playing in a much deserved All-Star starting role at the AHL level.

This move is simply to prepare to play in Sabres regular-season games with a team that needs to pull off a miracle equal to that in St. Loius last season to qualify post-season action. They not only need to improve in almost every area of their game and get on a roll but need other teams in their way to falter. A collapse similar to what Buffalo pulled off a season ago.

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That argument can take place at a local watering hole over some adult beverages with your buddies. Maybe the water cooler at the office. Talk radio…fine. Hey, maybe in the waiting room at the chiropractor’s office. Sounds great. Ill meet you there. I digress..

Things We Know About The Buffalo Sabres This Week:

  • Curtis Lazar certainly played well enough in training camp to stay with the big club. That said, he has really buttoned up his face-off skills. He is one of the few players who will camp out in front of the other team’s goalie screening and simply disturbing the netminders.
  • Jack Eichel registered an impressive four assists at the All-Star games. His line was responsible for 15 points. Boston Bruins winger David Pastrnak and Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Victor Hedman played on his wings.


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