If quarterback Philip Rivers intends on playing a 17th season in the NFL it will likely come with a new team. Having already moved out of Southern California and to Florida, Rivers time with the Chargers, according to Jay Glazer, has come to a close. The North Carolina St. product has not yet indicated he plans on retiring, so, the obvious question is, where will he play in 2020?

Here are a few potential landing spots for Rivers:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers seem to be the favorite team to speculate about when it comes to Rivers. It makes sense. Not only would the location be close to home (we know how he likes to drive), the Bucs have a decision to make with soon-to-be free agent signal-caller, Jameis Winston. Winston, as he is known to do, delivered many highs and many lows during the 2019 season. Does Bruce Arians want a second go-around with Winston or will he elect for the seasoned vet while he searches for the future? For the record, swapping Winston for Rivers isn’t necessarily an upgrade or a downgrade.

Carolina Panthers

The chances of this happening depend solely on whether or not Cam Newton returns. Even if he doesn’t this may be the “least likely” possible destination for Rivers. Obviously, without Newton, the Panthers would be looking at a quarterback makeover. Perhaps new head coach Matt Rhule believes Kyle Allen can bridge the gap to the next guy or maybe, he thinks a veteran like Rivers, who just happened to play his college football in North Carolina, would be a better option.

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Las Vegas Raiders

Although some of Raider Nation has their sights on another veteran free-agent quarterback who is a bit long in the tooth (don’t get your hopes up), could Rivers actually be the more realistic option? If you asked half of all Raiders fans they would likely be more than thrilled to watch anyone besides Derek Carr under center next season. In reality, it all depends on what Jon Gruden thinks. If Gruden believes Carr is the guy, no dice. However, if he feels he has gotten the most out of Carr… well, let’s just say don’t put anything past Gruden. Even if that means signing an aging, skill-depreciating veteran quarterback to make a splash in Vegas with a moderately talented team.

Indianapolis Colts

When it comes to the Colts, it is a veteran quarterbacks dream. Good offensive talent? Check. Good-to-great offensive line? Check. Plays in a dome? Check. A large amount of cap space to upgrade an already talented team? Double-check. In reality, if Rivers wanted his best chance to win and enjoy success, Indianapolis could be the perfect landing spot. Of course, it depends on what Chris Ballard and head coach Frank Reich feel about Jacoby Brissett. Is he a long term solution? Not likely. Is he a better short-term solution than Rivers? Now that is debatable. Despite no longer being there, the foundation of the team built for Andrew Luck is still in place with plenty to work with in an up-for-grabs division.

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