2020 Raiders Draft Profile

Name: Jeremy Chinn

Position: Hybrid

School: Southern Illinois University

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 219 pounds


243 tackles, 5 TFL, 13 INT, 6 FF, 2 FR


Blessed with the lights-out mentality, Chinn stalks the target. Behind his pads, he delivers the pop with leverage and force. Chinn forced six fumbles during his days in Carbondale. However, this aggressive approach is a technique base to build upon. Chinn will not hurt his team, singled up in space. He makes the smart play.

Coverage/Ball Skills

If you look at Chinn as a hybrid, he covers ground, whether deep middle, intermediate and short. However, when he gets downhill in the play, he thrives. Despite his presence as a striker, Chinn picked off thirteen passes. He shows a knack for undercutting the target and making the grab.


More important than speed, Chinn runs with burst and purpose. That is to say, he combines a good first step and a definitive plan. In coverage, Chinn can stay hip to hip with some wideouts and most tight ends and backs. Unlike many hybrids, Chinn uses this trait to hit and pick the ball off.

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Raiders Fit

If you look at the Raiders from the secondary first, you see a safety group, helmed by a player that spent the majority of the year on the injured reserve. Next, you have Erik Harris, who initially flashed, but struggled in coverage late in the season. Curtis Riley routinely saw opponents throw the ball over his head, completing passes vertically.

Why Chinn?

Chinn makes sense for the Raiders. In the middle rounds, he could conceivably hear his name called and immediately benefit the heart of the defense. If the Raiders go the free agency route to grab a middle linebacker, they will still need versatility. With his size, Chinn possesses the frame to mix it up with blockers. His strength to discard perimeter blocks and avoid the locking on of guards helps him. Moreover, Chinn could serve as a moneybacker type in the mold of Deone Bucannon and Mark Barron.

Noah Fant pops immediately to mind when mentioning Chinn. The second-year Broncos tight end will give stiff linebackers a rough time. The Raiders lack linebackers fast enough to stay with him down the seam. Similarly, the team also do not employ a defensive back large enough to joust with defensive backs. By nature of playing safety, that gives him an edge in coverage over vast areas of green space. Now, a late Day Two pick, Chinn could hear his name called with one of the Las Vegas Raiders’ three-third round picks.

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