The Miami Dolphins took a gamble on players as they started their rebuild process in 2019 and they found a lot of diamonds in the rough. While players like quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, wide receiver Preston Williams, linebacker Vince Biegel and cornerback Eric Rowe could come to mind, there’s one player that Miami should bring back that won’t be thought of quickly. 

Why Miami should bring back Aqib Talib

Now I know most of you think I’m crazy for thinking Dolphins head coach Brian Flores and company should bring back the cornerback they acquired at the trade deadline who has never suited up in a Dolphins uniform that is now an unrestricted free agent coming off injured reserve. Miami needs a veteran CB to anchor alongside CB Xavien Howard that can bring experienced leadership to the defensive unit. 

How Miami got Talib in the first place

Miami traded for Aqib Talib from the Los Angeles Rams on the day of the trade deadline and also received a fifth round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. The move came after the Rams traded for Jacksonville Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey. The move helped the Dolphins get yet another draft pick in 2020, while freeing up cap space and other money for the Rams in return. Either way, Miami got a win-win situation out of the move. It either gets a draft pick and another player it can resign in the offseason, or just an additional player via the draft. I think it should choose the first option.

Talib can provide leadership, experience to Dolphins’ youth

With a team as young as Miami’s roster, someone like Talib, who has been very successful in the league since he was drafted back in the 2008 NFL Draft, can provide some advice and knowledge to the younger core of the secondary that showed moments throughout the past season to have struggled with certain coverages against opposing teams. Talib last played a full season in 2017 with the Denver Broncos.

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Talib was the first player drafted from the University of Kansas in the first round since Dana Stubblefield went 26th overall to the San Francisco 49ers in the 1993 NFL Draft. He forwent his senior year at Kansas and declared for the NFL, eventually going 20th overall to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So far in the NFL, Talib has 467 combined tackles, 387 solo tackles, 80 assisted tackles, one sack, five forced fumbles, four fumble recoveries, 35 INT’s, with 10 of them returned for a TD. 

I feel Miami is close to anchoring down its defensive talent and bringing Talib in for an actual active stint with the Dolphins I think is completely worth it. 

Author’s Note: I just want to give praise to head coach Brian Flores for the job he has done for the entire Miami organization in just one year. After many analysts and talk show personnel predicted Miami would not win a single game during the 2019 season, the Dolphins surprised many, including myself, by checking off five boxes in the win column. In case you still need a news flash, no part of the organization was EVER tanking. I am looking forward to seeing what Flores and his staff are going to do for the 2020 season and beyond. Opinion articles allow us writers to say things like this, so I took full advantage.

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