Grant Slants: Raiders Odds and Ends

Las Vegas Raiders

As the Raiders’ offseason rolls on, more and more eyes have begun to shift towards Las Vegas. While this is incredibly expected, it is a nice change of pace. While the media could be diving into the negatives of the season, they appear focused on the new stadium and location. Following Hard Knocks, it is nice to be drifting back to the shadows for now.

Fans vs. RaiderNation

Obviously, the fan support in Las Vegas is very high, or at least high enough to rationalize moving a team here. But, what type of fans are they? Will the team see a majority of fans flying in for a weekend in Vegas with the bonus of attending a game? Or will we see a re-emergence of the diehard fans from the Black Hole? Will there be a Black Hole? Obviously, any fans are good fans, but it would be a sight to see the Black Hole travel down to Sin City.

New Stomping Ground

As much as the move out of Oakland (and California) hurts, there is a significant upside to this move: a clean house. Amidst the drama of the move, the Raiders reportedly played in one of the dirtiest stadiums around. From flooding bathrooms to rats in vending machines, the Oakland Coliseum was not the cleanest. Now, the Las Vegas Raiders have an incredible, state of the art facility that may or may not look like a science fiction spaceship to come home to.

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Two Pro Bowlers

RaiderNation, we have to be better voters next year. While Trent Brown and Rodney Hudson certainly deserve it, I would have a hard time believing players like Maxx Crosby, Josh Jacobs, and Darren Waller do not also deserve spots. While being recognized must be nice, the Raiders had far more talent to put on display at the Pro Bowl than what was given.

Appreciating Derek Carr

Watching high profile quarterbacks struggle in the skills competition may be designed to be all in good fun. Yet, it feels like learning experience. I am incredibly confident Carr could dominate a skills competition. He is an incredibly accurate quarterback, just missing a few pieces to translate from the skills competition to the field.

Let your loved know they’re loved

It is a crazy world we’re living in, where even people who feel untouchable are prone to tragedies like the rest of us. Witnessing the news cycle of Kobe Bryant passing can teach us one incredible lesson: every day is a gift; stop holding meaningless grudges against people because you might not know if you can ever forgive them in person.


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