2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Carter Coughlin

Position: Linebacker

School: The University of Minnesota

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 235 pounds



The first step off the edge gives Coughlin the advantage. At the snap, his elongated stride immediately places the tackle in peril. When he beats the tackle, Coughlin’s closing speed bends the corner and collapses on the quarterback. When pursuing the ballcarrier, Coughlin’s burst is buttressed by the nonstop effort. If blocked, he will readjust and accelerate through the redirect.


Active hands. Granted, Coughlin does not profile as a thumper. Yet, he manages to poke, punch, and rip the ball away. The hand/eye coordination mixed with the timing brings this trait into focus. When he wraps up, Coughlin shows the technical knowledge base to secure the tackle.

Pass Rush

While this remains his best trait, it also stands above as his most diverse. During his career, Coughlin develops quite the repertoire. Blessed with above-average agility, Coughlin will induce the blocker to pick a foot to lean on, taking the opposite side en route to the quarterback. That level of hesitation, the half-beat delay throws off the timing. Next, Coughlin’s rip captures inside ground, forcing a counter that will lead to potential holds. If Coughlin veers wide, his ability to anticipate the snap, slightly drop his pads to beat the tackle turns heads. Meanwhile, his bull rush, due to the lack of mass, still needs work. He appears rather mistimed.

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While he excelled mostly at the line, the Gophers moved Coughlin around. He shows enough flexibility to stay with opponents in the short and intermediate areas. At the next level, in order to see the field, Coughlin must develop the truth.

Raiders Fit

Zero. The number of sacks accumulated by anyone playing linebacker for the Raiders in 2019. Nothing. The entire unit could not get home, anywhere near the quarterback. Eighty-eight, linebacker blitzes, and nine pressures. To the naked eye, that screams an unfamiliarity with blitzing effectively and overall lack of nuance.

Why Coughlin?

Behind many dynamic defenses, depth and athleticism provide the flexibility to confound offenses. Coughlin will see the field initially on passing downs. With his first step and feel for rushing the passer, Coughlin could bring the Las Vegas Raiders another chess piece. He can work around tackles, slowly rising out of their stances. As long as the Raiders let him find a suitable role as a backup. With a Day Three pick, Coughlin gives a developing pass rush another talent to mix into the rotation.

As mentioned, Coughlin may not immediately start. With his weight hovering around the 240-pound range, linebacker and situational end appear to fit him best. For a second, imagine the Las Vegas NASCAR pass rush of Crosby, Ferrell, Jordan, and Coughlin. That front four should give the defenses fits, causing errant throws and potential turnovers. Moreover, Coughlin possesses some coverage ability that could see him line up and learn the ropes at outside linebacker. While Coughlin finds his footing in that role, he will boost special teams.

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