After David Stern stepped down as Commissioner of the NBA, during which time he oversaw and directed operations from Michael Jordan’s rookie year, through Kobe and Shaq’s Lakers dynasty, LeBron James’ first two championships, and Kevin Durant’s MVP season, he quickly re-established himself as an intrepid tech investor. Having been integral in developing sports broadcasting from a niche business to among the largest industries in the world while Commissioner, Stern spent his post-NBA years pursuing the next technological revolution. Among his first investments was in SportsCastr, the live-streaming video platform that lets anybody in the world Choose the SportsCastr… or BE the SportsCastr.

Story: David Stern Passes away at the age of 77

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On Thursday, January 30, 2020, the revolution that Stern envisioned comes to fruition when The Basketball League, a young, exciting American pro basketball league, debuts on SportsCastr. The Opening Night game between the Indy Express and Owensboro Thoroughbreds is presented by Full Press Coverage, a much-needed new voice in sports editorial. The game tips off at 8 pm ET and can be live-streamed at or RIGHT HERE!

The Basketball League 🔴LIVE on SportsCastr is a groundbreaking live-streaming experience that invites basketball fans the world over to interact and engage with a live broadcast like never before!

Keep up with The Basketball League 🔴LIVE on SportsCastr by following the official hashtag #TBLonSC, and follow @FPCoverage on Twitter to stay in the know about FPC’s latest articles, radio shows, podcasts, and live-streams!

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