2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Patrick Taylor

Position: Running Back

School: The University of Memphis

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 225 pounds


Run Style

Unlike other bigger backs, Taylor runs the way he looks. That is to say, he exhibits a forward lean and power that yields positive yards. Taylor displays a measure of tackle-breaking in traffic with good knee drive and constant churning feet. Flailing arm tackles never phase him. The contact balance looks great as he walks through weak attempts.


Despite his size and leg length, Taylor shows a knack from running away from defenders. Granted, don’t expect constant long runs. Yet, he brings a burst in the open field. At the next level, Taylor gobbles up chunk yardage that will wear down defenses.

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With fifty-five catches and three scores, Memphis featured Taylor on swing passes with green in front of him. Not to mention, armed with a strong pluck and transfer, Taylor looks comfortable in the passing game. Under those circumstances, teams would be smart to use him.

Raiders Fit

Behind Josh Jacobs, the Raiders currently employ Jalen Richard and DeAndre Washington. Each is redundant backs in their role. Richard, at this point, looks like strictly a third-down back with a limited skillset as a rusher. Meanwhile, Washington runs much harder, but can also take over the receiving role. As a result, this could render one or both of them expendable. The Raiders need a power back in one of those spots behind Josh Jacobs. Two smaller backups do little for the dynamic aspect of the run game.

Why Taylor?

Meat and Potatoes approach. Taylor approaches each carry with the thought of getting downhill without delay. Behind that massive offensive line, Taylor would see holes to accomplish this. Gruden, for the entirety of his career, preaches the grinding approach to running with the ball. Taylor affords the Raiders a low-cost, high yield, third-day option that will only boost the back end of the rotation. Additionally, he does not pose any sort of threat to Josh Jacobs’ grasp on the starting job. Instead, Taylor provides a backup that won’t cause the team to deviate from the run scheme. All the Raiders need to do is give him the ball, watch him head downhill and gain yards.

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