2020 Raiders Draft Prospect: WR Isaiah Hodgins

2020 Raiders Draft Prospect: WR Isaiah Hodgins

2020 Raiders Draft Prospect

Name: Isaiah Hodgins

Position: Wide Receivers

School: Oregon State University

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 205 pounds



According to CBS Sports, Hodgins only dropped three passes over the past two seasons. Three drops in 156 targets presents a reliable target. His sure grab and slick transfer keep the play moving. Where teams will look at first, however, is the catch radius. Hodgins’ arm length invites passes from every possible angle and direction. In the red zone, that reach will get him open when he looks locked down.


Normally, a bigger wideout will suffer with explosion. On the contrary, Hodgins’ stride eats up a vast chunk of green. From there, that gait allows him to get even and leave. Whether that translates to burst at the next level, remains to be seen. Meanwhile, the tape bears out that Hodgins will trace away from opponents.

Route Running

Hodgins attacks the jam with long arms and a quick dip of the shoulder to generate separation. After, watch for his ability to thrive down the field. The post and out will open the door for Hodgins to vary his route tree.

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When grading Hodgins in this trait, he excels with leaping, not so much the shiftiness. Long legs and some hip stiffness prevents profound wiggle. He needs a wider field to shake corners. Yet, Hodgins will win his share of 50/50, with an easy jumping style that expands the throwing window.

Raiders Fit

After watching Tyrell Williams, several thoughts popped to mind. First, he does not fit this offense as a true number one receiver. Next, he did not consistently use his frame and length to its full advantage. Moreover, Williams failed to hold onto the ball. Five drops, seemingly in clutch situations hurt the Raiders at every turn. The offense, under Gruden, loves a big, physical target that makes the contested grab and flashes the ability to give Derek Carr a valuable weapon.

Why Hodgins?

If the Raiders intend to retain Derek Carr, they will need to keep providing better vertical targets. More importantly, he needs a quality collection of receivers. Targeting Hunter Renfrow too often will not scare defenses. That is no slight against Renfrow, more of an incitment of a lack out an outside receiver. If Jon Gruden is to beliecved, he wants the Raiders to take more chances vertically. This is where Hodgins neatly slides into a Day Three pick. Hodgins will attempt to body corners, posting up and providing an ample target for Carr. In 2019, the Las Vegas Raiders bogged down and lacked a consistent vertical threat. Now, imagine Hodgins on the other side of the fifty-yard line, separating vertically. Additionally, his later value will also the Raiders to either pursue a receiver in free agency or draft one on the first day of the 2020 NFL Draft.


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