The NFL doesn’t really have an off-season. Over the next three months, the scouting combine, free agency and draft will dominate sports talk as teams try to rebuild and retool in order to dethrone the newly minted Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs.

Time for some fearless predictions:

Expect a lot of quarterback movement within the league

With 4-6 quarterbacks expected to be drafted in the first round, veterans Cam Newton, Philip Rivers, Andy Dalton, Jameis Winston, and Derek Carr could be donning new uniforms in 2020.

Future Hall-Of-Famer Drew Brees may retire.

But those storylines pale in comparison to the sexiest story of the off-season. Where will Tom Brady be playing in September?

Trying to convince Patriots fans that Brady will be wearing a different uniform in a few months is as daunting as telling an 8-year old that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. Sorry for the mean spirited comparison. 

I have felt for several months that Brady will take his talents to Southern California. 

The L.A. Chargers will be moving into the spectacular, new $5 billion SoFi Stadium. Tickets and PSL’s must be sold. So far, sales have been atrocious. Since moving from San Diego to L.A. 3 years ago, the Chargers have created no buzz or traction. They have played their home games in a 20,000 seat soccer stadium.

A case can be made that the Chargers are the 6th most popular N.F.L. team in Southern California behind the Raiders and Rams as well as national brands like the Packers, Cowboys, and Steelers.

Tom Brady wearing a gorgeous powder blue Chargers’ uniform makes them RELEVANT!

The Chargers have a deep, talented roster. Legitimate weapons in wide receivers Keenan Allen and Mike Williams as well as an excellent defense led by edge rushers Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram. 

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The Chargers are coming off a disappointing 5-11 season. But, upon further review,  this is a team that could have easily qualified for the playoffs. Nine of those  11 losses were by one score. 

Four of those losses by three or fewer points.

The Chargers outgained their opponents by 870 yards courtesy of the league’s 10th-ranked offense a sixth-ranked defense. A minus 17 turnover margin can be rectified by adding the G.O. A.T., who takes care of the ball much better than outgoing quarterback Philip Rivers.

Furthermore, the Chargers have a quality general manager in Tom Telesco as well as a respected head coach in Anthony Lynn. With the 6th pick in April’s draft, the Chargers can add an impact player.

In addition to making sense on the field, Brady’s off-field businesses would benefit from him heading to SoCal. Brady’s TB12 Method Stores would be a huge hit in a region that is certainly more superficial than stuffy, old New England.

I’m sure Brady’s significant other, Gisele  Bundchen, would be happy in L.A.

The Chargers need him. Brady could use a change of scenery. How awesome would it be to see Brady in a different uniform and Bill Belichick coaching the Patriots with a new quarterback?

If Patriots owner Bob Kraft steps in and offers Brady a two-year, $60 million dollar contract, without the blessing of Belichick, don’t be shocked if the “hoodie” attempts to opt-out of his contract with the Patriots.

In my wildest conspiracy theory, Belichick would take over the New York Giants, with current head coach Joe Judge, a Belichick disciple, stepping aside and becoming assistant head coach/ head coach in training. I’ll now put down my double espresso.

A fun exercise is predicting who will participate in Super Bowl LV, which will be played on February 7, 2021, in Tampa 

In my fantasy world Brady leads the Chargers to its first Super Bowl appearance in 26 years. The NFC will be represented by my Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers, my favorite player, will have an MVP caliber season in his second year in Matt LaFleur’s offense. 

I have been pining for the last decade for a Brady-Rodgers Super Bowl. 

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

John Sapochetti is co-host of the “Sap & Kat Show” heard on Full Press Radio.

Follow him on Twitter @johnsap25 

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