New York Guardians Season Prediction

New York Guardians Season Predictions

Today we bring you some New York Guardians season prediction. We have scouted both the Guardians offense and their defense. We have given you our schedule breakdown which highlights key match ups for every Guardian game. Also we went as far to break down the Guardians fantasy football predictions. Hopefully you have gotten caught up with the rules of the game and the uniqueness of what we will see. Let us first dive in to our offensive and defensive MVP predictions for the team for the upcoming season. Although there are not official MVPs discussing them for this team is very important as we highlight them all year. We will then give you our ceiling prediction for the team followed by their floor.

Offensive MVP

To me the offensive MVP for this team this upcoming season is going to be Mekale McKay. McKay is going to be a force to watch in this league due to his size and ability to catch the ball. He is going to be a top red zone target for this Guardians team and could find himself getting double digit touchdowns. His size will be very difficult for opposing cornerbacks to match up against. The one thing he will need to do is improve his route running to become a complete wide receiver. I fully expect him to be the clear wide receiver one for this unit and McGloins favorite target. He being the offensive MVP at the end of the year is our first Guardians season prediction.

Defensive MVP

I cannot stress enough how important a shutdown corner is in this league. Our second Guardians season prediction is that Jamar Summers will be the defensive MVP. He is such a talented player that can match up with any opposing receiver. Summers has strong hands that will allow him to get physical at the line of scrimmage. He also has terrific vision and can cover lots of ground in the passing game. He may have a bit smaller than other cornerbacks but what he lacks in size he makes up with smarts. I truly believe he will be the team’s best player and will be a potential XFL defensive MVP.

Jamar Summers Season Prediction
Jamar Summers will have to be the playmaker he can be this year!


Now we get to the Guardians season prediction that you all have been waiting for. In a new league that could be filled with surprises it will be very important for teams to win at home. The New York Guardians have a distinct home field advantage playing in the colder northeast. The best I can see the Guardians doing is a 4-1 home record with a potential lost to either the Roughnecks or Defenders. They should win their home opener, beat a west coast Wildcat team and at least split the back to back division games. If they can beat Houston or the divisional opponent that would put them in great shape. If the Guardians could go 3-2 on the road by beating an inferior Seattle and 2 divisional match ups they can realistically go 7-3 this season.


Here is the Guardians season prediction you will not want to hear. If the Guardians struggle to start quick and prevent the run they could go below .500. In this scenario they would struggle losing 3 games at home. They still would win their home opener but then will struggle against the west coast teams during a brutal stretch of 3 out of 4 road games. The Guardians start the year going 1-5 and the season is lost. They finish up winning 3 out of their last 4 behind a strong home effort and stealing one in Seattle. The New York Guardians finish the year 4-6 missing out on the playoffs.

This season should be one of many surprises for the New York Guardians and the XFL. As for our Guardians season predictions we feel very confident that our two MVPS will need to lead this team. Both McKay on the offensive side and Summers on the defensive side will have to be huge for this team. I truly see them being a playoff team from the East if they can utilize their home field advantage. They also need to stop the run and be very balanced on offense. Now the only thing to do is sit back and watch how the season unfolds.


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