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The 2020 NBA Trade Deadline has passed and a plethora of trades have occurred just like every season. There was not a ton of action the night before, but once the day came it seemed like just about every team was in on the action. There were plenty of two-team trades involving less important players and picks, but this article will be a review of the three biggest trades, in no particular order, of the 2020 NBA Trade Deadline.

1. Capela to Atlanta; Covington to Houston

There were several teams and many small details involved in this massive trade, but this will be a review of the two main players on the move. We will start with Clint Capela heading to Atlanta to partner up with Trae Young and John Collins. This is a puzzling move for Houston as it leaves them with no legitimate big man. Atlanta is not making any noise in the East this year and this trade will not change that. It is a successful trade for the Hawks because it sets them up with a fantastic young core that should be in Atlanta for a long time. A team centered around Collins, Young, and Capela put the Hawks in a very good position. Robert Covington to Houston made a lot of sense for Minnesota because he has a big contract and his career timeline does not match up with Minnesota’s future. It makes sense for Houston in order to get some much-needed defense and shooting. What does not make sense is giving up Capela in this trade. It leaves them without a big man and they are extremely vulnerable to big guys out west.

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2. Drummond to Cleveland Right before the trade deadline

Pistons center Andre Drummond was dealt to the Cavaliers in a salary dump. Sure there were rumors surrounding Drummond but Cleveland was never mentioned as one of his landing spots. This is a fantastic move for Cleveland as they only had to give up veterans John Henson and Brandon Knight while throwing in a second-round pick. Drummond does not do anything right now for Cleveland, but it was a great acquisition for the small amount they had to give up. Just like Atlanta, the Cavs are building a young core for the future. Drummond, Sexton, Love, and Garland is a great young group that could contend for a playoff spot next year. For Detroit, they got just about nothing for a great player except salary relief. It’s not even that much of relief considering Blake Griffin is still on the books.

3. Russell to Minnesota; Wiggins to Golden State

D’Angelo Russell had been linked to Minnesota since free agency in 2019, but he opted to join the Warriors out on the west coast. Russell going to Minnesota is surprising, but not shocking. In this trade, Minnesota had to give up a number one overall pick Andrew Wiggins, a first-round pick, and a second-round pick. Golden State won this trade as they get nearly equal talent swapping Russell and Wiggins while also taking ownership of a lottery first-round pick and a second-round pick. The trade feels desperate for the Timberwolves as it seems like they just want to acquire a big name.

The 2020 trade deadline was filled with plenty of trades and action; we will see how it changes the NBA this year and in years to come.

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