2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Quintez Cephus

Position: Wide Receiver

School: The University of Wisconsin

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 207 pounds



During his years in Madison, Cephus overcame a monumental liability. Very few wideouts in this draft endured such inaccurate passing. However, he did manage to turn this into a positive. Cephus displays the ability to adjust to poorly thrown balls. Whether adjusting vision over his shoulder of catching away from his frame, Cephus managed to make strong concentration grabs. On deep throws, he needs to almost wait for the ball to find him, reaching behind him to make the play.


Averaging 16.1 yards with scattershot throwing highlights Cephus’ burst. Although he won’t blow by corners, Cephus gets up to speed before pulling away. At the next level, this trait will only improve with better play from the passer.

Route Running

Over time, Cephus drove quicker and more decisive on his cuts. His last stride forces the defender to take that extra step backward, providing separation. The Badgers deployed Cephus in the slot, in motion and on the far side of the field. If you solely focus on the snap, Cephus offers up little rockback to get himself started into the route.

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Raiders Fit

As of this moment, Tyrell Williams sits as the lead wide receiver. Hunter Renfrow claimed the slot/ third wideout spot. Other than that, this group lacks separation, dynamism, talent and surehanded threats to allow the Raiders to open the field for Josh Jacobs. In all candor, the trades fro Zay Jones and Trevor Davis completely failed and only served to hinder the Raiders down the stretch. meanwhile, overpaying Keelan Doss resulted in an underwhelming season.

Why Cephus?

On Cephus’ film alone, he needs considerations. He never enjoyed an accurate quarterback. Yet, the former Badger wideout managed to cobble together a quality career. Under Jon Gruden and presumably Derek Carr, Cephus would actually resemble a late-round steal. Cephus would give the Las Vegas Raiders a wideout that would start further doen on the depth chart, but possess the skillset to eventually challenge for snaps. With Tyrell Williams’ 2020 guarantee, the Raiders still need a number one and four wideout. Luckily for Cephus’ his play at Wisconsin, through the outside and in the slot, presents a versatility that doesn’t pigeonhole him


Last August, a jury acquitted Cephus of two sexual assault-related charges. The Badgers dismissed him from the team in 2017, erasing his 2018 season. After the trial, Cephus was reinstated and allowed to return to football.

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