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WWE Potentially Selling Rights Of Shows To Networks?

The Q4 Earnings Report for WWE was on Thursday, and one major development to come from it was a potential change to the WWE Network. Vince McMahon mentioned that companies could buy the rights to certain Network content to show on their streaming services (h/t Fightful). This could mean selling certain events to show on other stations, like Wrestlemania on Fox for example. McMahon mentioned that a deal could happen as early as first quarter 2020, but nothing is set in stone yet. For a more detailed breakdown of the earnings report, check out this link on Fightful.

New Ruthless Aggression Series Announced

WWE will be giving some love to the Ruthless Aggression Era coming up. The company announced a new series on it’s website that will break down the era that had the tough task of following the Attitude Era. Episode one will debut on Sunday, February 16th, with episodes being added every Monday there after. According to the announcement from WWE, five episodes are planned as of now. They include focuses on splitting the brands into Raw and SmackDown, John Cena, Evolution, and Brock Lesnar. Check out the trailer here.

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WWE Roster Updates: Shayna Baszler, Angel Garza

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Shayna Baszler will be on Raw soon but Angel Garza won’t be there for long (h/t r/SquaredCircle). Baslzer’ call up has been planned for some time, around a year. Due to that, Baszler will make the jump to Raw full time. She is still speculated to be Becky Lynch’s Wrestlemania opponent.

Garza recently debuted on Raw alongside Zelina Vega to attack Humberto Carrillo. This was done to keep the feud between Carillo & the suspended Andrade alive and keep Vega on television. Once Andrade returns, it is expected that Garza will go back to being an NXT guy.

One for the Road:

AEW topped NXT in the ratings again, but both saw a growth in numbers. Does this surprise you?

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