2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Tee Higgins

Position: Wide Receiver

School: Clemson University

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 215 pounds



Throw the ball anywhere in his vicinity and Higgins should make a sound play. Catch radius increases accuracy and minimizes bad throws. As a result, if Higgins gets a slight area of space, he will fight for the ball. He excels with the contested or contacted catch. In traffic, down the feel, he uses positions and a strong grasp to win.


In film, Higgins looks able to separate vertically. Yet, can he continue this versus twitch NFL-caliber defensive backs. In his defense, Higgins’ extremely long stride assists him in breaking free. Most corners cannot cover the same ground in the same amount of steps. If they run at a step deficit, Higgins will glide past them. Now, with the ball, he does not profile as an absolute burner, more of a build-up speed wideout.

Route Running

Off the snap, Higgins doesn’t always run with the correct pad level, allowing his head to now stays centered during his routes. When he maintains proper technique, Higgins uses decisive steps and a sure-footed approach to the route. When jammed, he will use his hands to swap the jam away without losing much momentum.

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With his frame and length, expect Higgins to win the majority of jump balls. He demonstrates a light-footed ease of leaping off the ground and making himself a target over smaller corners.

Raiders Fit

When Tyrell Williams’ 2020 salary kicked in, that solidifies him as one of Las Vegas’ top two receivers. Granted, drafting Higgins feels rather redundant. However, Gruden shows no qualms about two similarly skill players on the team. Look no further than Jalen Richard and DeAndre Washington. Higgins gives the Raiders a second 6’4” wideout on the outside.

Why Higgins?

Higgins will allow the Las Vegas Raiders to threaten defenses vertically. More importantly, he will give Derek Carr a redzone threat opposite of Darren Waller. While the tight end will challenge in the middle of the field, Higgins can win on the boundaries. If Carr wants to throw him the fade, it remains open. Meanwhile, the jump ball inside the twenty gives the Raiders an instant advantage. Like a small forward posting up a point guard, Higgins will box out the defensive back and give whoever throws the ball a wide target. Further down the depth chart, Higgins would allow former Clemson teammate Hunter Renfrow to feast underneath. On top of that, a legitimate big-play threat allows Josh Jacobs to have freedom, without everyone crowding the box.

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