There are a lot of rumors about where Tom Brady will be playing next season. Pro Football Focus is predicting that Brady stays with the Patriots.

Over the last couple of months, Tom Brady becoming a free agent has been the leading story across the NFL media. Brady even hijacked Super Bowl week when he posted a cryptic black and white photo of him walking towards a football field. Pundits and reporters everywhere tried to decipher what Brady’s photo meant, and what message he was trying to tell the world. As we know now, it was nothing more than a Hulu Super Bowl commercial.

Brady also dominated headlines on Super Bowl Sunday when Ian Rapoport reported that the New England Patriots were willing to pay Tom Brady up to $30 million per season to stay with the Patriots. This has caused debates amongst reporters, talking heads, and Patriots fans.

We’ve also heard countless talk of Brady moving to the AFC West to join either the Las Vegas Raiders or the LA Chargers. In addition to Brady joining a team in the NFC East. Former Dallas Cowboy legend Michal Irvin floated out a rumor that the Cowboys were thinking about trading Dak Prescott and signing Brady.

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The Cowboys rumors were proven false when Irvin tweeted that he had not spoken to anybody in the Cowboys organization, and it was just chatter at the Super Bowl over cocktails.

Yesterday a new rumor started swirling around Los Angeles. That being, the Chargers are seriously thinking of trading for Cam Newton. If the Chargers did pull off that trade, then obviously that would leave one less team for Brady to sign with, outside of New England.

The Raiders have emerged as the favorites to land Brady if the six-time Super Bowl Champion did decide he was done with the Patriots.

The funny part about all of this is, with all of the speculation and teams that are getting dropped all over the media, people are forgetting that New England is still the best location for Brady land, and PFF agrees.

“Let’s be realistic, though: Is Las Vegas really an upgrade over New England? Removing quarterbacks, the Patriots had the most valuable roster in the NFL in terms of PFF WAR, and the Raiders were 29th (New England drops to 12th and Las Vegas jumps one spot to 28th when looking at just the offensive side of the ball). Not to mention, he’d be in a division with reigning Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes as opposed to Josh Allen, Sam Darnold and (maybe) Ryan Fitzpatrick and/or Tua Tagovailoa. Is it possible that Brady is using this whole free agency stunt as leverage to get himself more money as well as to scare New England into investing in his receiving arsenal? Maybe, maybe not.”

As a Patriots fan, I have just decided to let whatever happens, happen. As somebody who writes and talks about the team, it’s difficult to find topics that people care about, besides Tom Brady and where he’s going to sign his contract. We have just a little bit over a month left to find out if Brady is returning home or going somewhere else. Until then speculation will continue, and I suggest that we take everything we hear with a grain of salt.

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