2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Cameron Dantzler

Position: Cornerback

School: Mississippi State University

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 185 pounds



Despite an angular frame, Dantzler accelerates and stays hip-to-hip with the wideout. Dantzler fluid strides also help him cover so much ground downfield. If you add that frame and he’s never really out of the play.

Ball Skills

Dantzler excels in undercutting the route, driving on the ball and making the play. With long arms and longer strides, he fights every route. Additionally, he easily highpoints and presents a vertical deterrent for jump balls.


With his film, you can see the upside within this trait. Dantzler will get dirty, slide through on the perimeter run plan and make the play. With an incredible tackle radius, Dantzler could stand to evolve in this area. However, he does need to add a few pounds and develop strength. That would benefit him across his skillset, not just this one.

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In Starkville, Dantzler saw his share of off-coverage. In space, he processes well and looks comfortable with handling so much green. Meanwhile, when locked man to man with a wideout, Dantzler uses a veteran move. With the ball in the all, Dantzler sit inside the hip of the wideout, facing the ball. Creating a legal contested-catch inhibits the receiver from the clean grab. On top of that, Dantzler’s ability to handle quicker routes with a smooth recovery, allows him to handle the full route tree.

Raiders Fit

In 2019, the Raiders allowed a mind-blowing nine touchdown passes, 25 yards or more. As a result, opponents knew that deep passes remained a viable and preferred option. Daryl Worley allowed 447 yards and five touchdowns. Granted, he’s a rangy corner that fits the mold. However, the complete lack of agility and the ability to recover will always pose an immediate problem.

Why Dantzler?

The Raiders enter Las Vegas and look at the constantly changing face of the AFC. s a whole, the conference continues to add overwhelming receiving talent. With each passing year, the wideouts look faster and smoother. While the Raiders feel comfortable and excited with Trayvon Mullen locking down one side. Dantzler mirrors what Mullen brings to the field from a physical level.

Long, fluid and twitchy, Dantzler would occupy the opponent’s second wideout. With Mike Williams and Sammy Watkins looming on the schedule twice a year, the Raiders need a reliable cover man on the other side. Dantzler checks the boxes for what Paul Guenther seeks in an outside corner. Dantzler’s fluidity will put his mind at ease. The Raiders, as of this writing, possess one NFL-starting caliber cornerback. Like Mullen, the Las Vegas Raiders could find Dantzler as a Day Two draft option.

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