When the Chiefs were looking to retool their defense for 2019, many new faces came into the fold. It also took some time for Kansas City’s defense to figure out what they wanted to be and find their footing. One man who should not be unnoticed for his efforts during some frustrating times early in the season is Emmanuel Ogbah. For example, his production was impressive and his effort was incredible.

As we will talk about, Ogbah made at least one impact play in crucial moments in most games. We saw him work hard to accumulate sacks, when they were not coming as frequently for the Chiefense. Additionally, this was another low risk, high reward move that paid off for general manager Brett Veach. He acquired Ogbah from the Cleveland Browns for underwhelming safety, Eric Murray. Let’s now look back on the unsung impact that he brought to the table.

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Breakout Season

While other defenders were getting double teamed and making more run stops, Ogbah was leading the Chiefs in sacks throughout the early part of the season. In fact, he held this spot all the way up to the time when he suffered a torn pectoral muscle in Week 10. When the Chiefs needed big stops, Ogbah was coming through. And it did not just come in the form of sacks, as he was the team leader in tackles for loss and quarterback hits for a good bunch. We saw opposing offenses feel the pressure that was being provided from him. For example, Lamar Jackson was forced to change direction many times when the Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens. Ogbah was flying around the field and confusing the Baltimore front.

After a injury-riddled campaign with Cleveland the year before, Ogbah reminded people just how multi-dimensional he can be. It was important for the Chiefs to have a defender that could add more to both the pass rush and run defense. When others started to get on a roll, the defense became more complete as a whole. Unfortunately for Ogbah, the torn pectoral muscle injury ended his red hot season prematurely.

Earning Your Keep

While we did not get to see Ogbah perform in the playoffs, one would imagine the Chiefs saw enough to bring him back in 2020. We mentioned earlier how Veach loves to take other team’s mistakes and turn them to gold. He will take great pride in hoping to that Ogbah can perform admirably again in the future. Furthermore, we have seen how well the defense can do with depth that goes unnoticed. Guessing by the Chiefs decision to put him on injured reserve in November, they will want him to stay by any means possible. I would expect Kansas City to come to an agreement with Ogbah later on in the free agency period.

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Two Birds, One Stone

Say the Chiefs are able to re-sign both Chris Jones and Emmanuel Ogbah. That effectively gives Veach less to worry about this offseason with the defensive line. Honestly, that is one of the areas of the team that is pretty secure if they are able to keep some guys that were already in house in 2019. This would allow Kansas City to focus more on moves for the secondary or at linebacker.

We have talked before how Charvarius Ward and Rashad Fenton are the only two returning cornerbacks, as far as those who played a significant amount of snaps. Meanwhile at linebacker, Reggie Ragland and Darron Lee are notable players entering free agency. How confident are the Chiefs with their current crop of linebackers?

Finding A Home

Ogbah is closer now to being the player the Browns believe they drafted in 2016. His ability to play in different spots on the defensive line is a plus. To boot, Ogbah has a style that meshes well with other Chiefs teammates. He is violent, intense and very sound in his assignments.

Hopefully, the Chiefs hold the same feeling as they did beforehand with Emmanuel Ogbah. He works hard and goes with the flow. We saw how good of a fit he was for the Kansas City defense, Steve Spagnuolo‘s scheme and the city of Kansas City.

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