NAME: Patrick Queen

POSITION: Linebacker


HEIGHT: 6’1”

WEIGHT: 227 pounds

The Kansas City Chiefs linebackers did show some improvement in 2019 and into the playoffs. However, the unit could still exceed this year’s results going forward. In today’s draft prospect profile, we will look into a linebacker who’s draft stock has increased rapidly. Why? Due in large part to a do it all performance in the College Football Playoff, this inside backer has NFL teams excited. Now, let’s dive in and give our breakdown of LSU’s Patrick Queen.

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Queen is a consistent tackler. He has the length and explosiveness to make stops when you may think he has no chance to get it done. His ability to drive through contact is what sticks out above anything here. Additionally, Queen does a good job of wrapping up and coming in at a well measured pad level. You will not see him blow up ball carriers with his shoulder a lot. But, the bigger, impactful tackles still jump off of the screen.


Queen definitely projects as an extremely rangy defender. His effort is off the charts, as nobody works harder then him to get around blockers to make the play. He is often making a fair share of one on one tackles. In gang tackle situations nonetheless, Queen will often be the guy to lead the charge. What sticks out more so, is his ability to change direction as a linebacker. He puts his foot in the ground and is smooth when running downhill. Teams will not have to look long for a sideline to sideline defender when pointing towards him.


Both the long speed and short area quickness are areas where Queen shines. For shorter areas, he is routinely blowing up plays when shooting through the gaps of the offensive line. Whether it be a sack, run stop, or just simply forcing a running back to block him, Queen is constantly causing havoc in the backfield. What makes him hard to block? Queen is definitely slippery with a strong, yet lighter frame. There are times where ball carriers can confuse and freeze him in space. But, Queen has the ability to catch them from behind.

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Taking On Blocks

Queen’s long arms help him here. Kind of like we mentioned with his tackling, he does not have the biggest pop. However, the ways in which he uses his hands and feet helps to put blockers in spin cycles. That aforementioned speed and slipperiness allows him to bounce off of contact at the point of attack. Staying low to the ground allocates opportunities for Queen to squeeze under less athletic offensive linemen.

Coverage Skills

The rangy skills allows Queen to catch up with most routes in the middle of the field. Furthermore, he is just as effective when covering running backs or receivers on the outside. He did a nice of sticking with wheel route concepts against the likes of Florida and Alabama. What is really impressive for him as a linebacker, is how well he sees routes. This means Queen sets himself up well for landmarks or coverage spacing. He has not had a lot of reps in man coverage. But in zone, Queen is quick to jump routes and has a high amount of anticipation.

Chiefs Fit

Kansas City would really benefit from his range and sideline to sideline ability. Queen would arguably be the best pass coverage linebacker on the roster. This is not just because of his anticipation. Queen has the speed to stick with inside receivers in space. Steve Spagnuolo would get excited to just throw him in any position on the field to let him fly around. This guy is a playmaker.

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