2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Justin Herbert

Position: Quarterback

School: The University of Oregon

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 235 pounds



As we will discuss later, technique and motion affect this from consistency. Herbert must fine-tune the connection between his eyes and his arm. Herbert needs to see the play unfold faster and let the ball go quicker. At times, he will let his overconfidence in arm strength corrupt the ability for yards after the catch.

Arm Strength

There’s no throw he will not attempt. Moreover, he will make any throw, in any circumstances. Herbert generates excellent spin and velocity on his passes.


Like a free throw or jumpshot, the expert technique needs to remain repeatable. For Herbert, he needs to work hard on this aspect. Occasionally, he won’t stride into the throw, or launch from a wide hip base. As a result, the ball veers and sails. When grading his delivery, Herbert displays a powerful snap from shoulder to waist.

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With his arm talent, teams expect Herbert to test them vertically. Yet, when the play disintegrates, Herbert will tuck the ball and get outside of the pocket. Less rumbling and more of a concerted attempt to get yards. However, on rollouts, this trait will open up the deep third for passes. Additionally, Hebert probably won’t miss the pylon with he’s near the endzone.

Raiders Fit

As mentioned, Jon Gruden lacks a first-round developmental quarterback. Now, Herbert may lack the polish of Tua Tagovailoa or Joe Burrow. Yet, his stature and tools could give the Raiders’ head coach a foundational building block. More importantly, drafting Herbert gives the Raiders the luxury of keeping Derek Carr one more year and allowing Herbert to refine his flaws. Drafting Herbert could buy Derek Carr time. On the other hand, if the Raiders deal Carr and sign a veteran, Herbert can sit a year to get up to speed.

Why Herbert?

Physically, Herbert presented the most imposing quarterback prospect of this class. However, he does not amble like a statue and rumble. Despite his size, Herbert forces defenses to account for his mobility. If he doesn’t feel the routes are there, Herbert shows no hesitation and will head downfield. Meanwhile, in the pocket, his arm talent and high upside would give the Raiders a potential future starter, Now, with strong coaching and refinement, Herbert could turn into that leader than boasts even parts nerve and execution.

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