2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Anthony Gordon

Position: Quarterback

School: Washington State University

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 210 pounds



Despite the video game stats, Gordon places the ball in stride at all three levels. He allows for a run after the catch, by nature of the timing of the offense. Additionally, he lets his arm loose on deep throws, finding vertical targets down the field.


Gordon does generate sound shoulder flexion and excellent speed. He will drop down three-quarters and bring a bit of a slinger approach to the throw. Gordon brings good torque and release to the pass. However, he must learn to not overthrow.


With Gordon’s frame, you’d expect a longer stride on the dropback. What he currently tries, the hitchy, choppy drop works within the Air Raid offense. Now, he must learn a more fluid approach and diminish false steps.

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Long and relatively lean, Gordon gets to the outside. yet, don’t expect him to make defenses pay with chunk yardage. Instead, he will gain those six or seven yards before darting out of bounds. At the next level, he will need to throw better while on the run.

Arm Strength

You can tell that Gordon played some baseball in his past. He throws with good velocity that will make the ball fit through the occasional tight window. On top of that, Gordon will test the secondary vertically, dropping the ball in over the shoulder.

Team Fit

Behind Derek Carr, the Raiders do not employ a single worthy player as a backup. If the Raiders trade Derek Carr and sign a veteran backup, what happens if the starter succumbs to injury? Do you honestly believe Mike Glennon will accomplish anything? No. Every Raiders quarterback on the roster reached their ceilings. With no room to improve, the time for new blood lines up with the relocation.

Why Gordon?

Jon Gruden fancies himself a quarterback guru. As a result, he believes that he can take various talents and craft them into a quality NFL starter. Anthony Gordon presents the Las Vegas Raiders with the chance to develop a mid-round prospect from the ground up. Gordon excels in the quick decision game. Snap and go seem like his main claim to fame. Under Mike Leach, Gordon posted surreal numbers. Forget most of them. Gordon’s feel for the game should see him earn a spot. Plus, if the Raiders remain stuck on Derek Carr as the starter, his upside shines through.

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