Tonight the Toronto Maple Leafs got run out of the building by the Pittsburgh Penguins 5-2 as goaltender Freddy Anderson laid another egg. Sidney Crosby lead the charge tonight with 4 points and the Leafs faithful are freaking right out. Hate to see it.

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Leafs twitter is orchestrating a mutiny as we speak against current Leafs General Manager Kyle Dubas. So many #FireDubas tweets happened in the third period that it saw the hashtag go to the number one trend in Canada.

The Florida Panthers are now only 2 points behind the Leafs for third in the Atlantic Division and have 2 games in hand. The Leafs fans have every right to be upset. This team is one of 5 teams in the league so far to allow over 200 goals thus far this season. For a “Stanley Cup contender” that is just not acceptable. Kyle Dubas should be held accountable for this! This D core stinks!. I am fully expecting a reactionary trade.

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