NAME: Jeff Gladney

POSITION: Cornerback


HEIGHT: 6’0”

WEIGHT: 183 pounds

In today’s draft prospect profile, we look towards a tall cornerback who can do it all. His versatility will help him at the pro level. Additionally, he is extremely smart and this will also pay off early on in the NFL. This player would be a positive addition to the Kansas City Chiefs’ defensive back room. Let’s get things started, with our breakdown of TCU cornerback Jeff Gladney.

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Coverage Skills

Gladney is a cornerback who is not afraid to punch you square in the mouth. In man coverage, he is sticky and stays near the hip of opposing receivers. When the ball is coming his way, he will attack with authority. Gladney does a nice job to time his pass breakups. On passes downfield, you will see receivers catch what looks to be a touchdown. However, Gladney gets his hand in there at the last second to break up the play.

While in zone coverage, Gladney is comfortable in waiting and taking his time against routes. For example, his recovery speed allows him to quickly recover against deep routes over the top. His range is endless in this area.


His feet are quick and active. There can be times where Gladney can get beat pretty easily inside. But, he will flip his hips and read the quarterback to recover. Gladney mirrors receivers well enough, to the point where you wonder if he will ever get beat. If he does get beat, you will see Gladney get vertical to redirect and find his landmarks. Overall, he is a cornerback who is patient. And, he will not become over anxious if he is caught off guard or out of position.

Ball Skills

His production continued to climb his senior season. Gladney times his jumps very well to force deflections in zone coverage. When he has come through, those tips have led to interception chances for his teammates. Gladney calculates his angles nicely. When you see him run across the field with a receiver, you wonder why quarterbacks even attempt to fit one in against him. Gladney has a nose for the football and could be a ballhawk at the NFL level. Consequently, he is strong in crucial situations.

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Gladney possesses an attitude that you love to see from the cornerback position. He takes great pride in every rep and feels like he can be more than just a pass coverage guy. Generally, he will scratch and claw and this scrappiness frustrates opposing receivers or ball carriers. Gladney may not be the best at pressing near the line of scrimmage. Nonetheless, you always believe he has the chance to recover and make a play on the football.


Gladney’s length and aggressiveness help him in this area. Not the most consistent or polished tackler, but sets himself up well. Bulkier skill players do have the ability to bounce or brush off of him. What you like to see though, is Gladney’s ability to close when coming downhill. You will see him run through players every once in a while. Definitely, Gladney loves to get physical in the piles or when gang tackling.

Chiefs Fit

Gladney can thrive in either man or zone coverage. To boot, his quickness is something the Chiefs have rarely had at the cornerback position in the last handful of years. Also, Gladney’s smarts, stickiness and hips combine to make him a high quality athlete. What else would fit well in Kansas City’s defense? The urgency he displays would mix in well with the likes of Charvarius Ward, Rashad Fenton, Tyrann Mathieu and Juan Thornhill. His production and instincts make life tough on opposing receivers.

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