Here we go again with the trade talks about Vikings’ Stefon Diggs. The standout Minnesota playmaker recently deleted all over his photos on Instagram that involved the Vikings. With his publicly being upset with the Vikings last season, the trade rumors started swirling around at the beginning of 2019 and now it looks like the eyes are back on him and the Vikings. While it is hard to see the Vikings deal Diggs, you cannot count anything out in this business.

If the Vikings front office does indeed make it public that they are shopping Diggs around, Brandon Beane and the Buffalo Bills should not just avoid trading for Diggs, but not even consider throwing an offer to the Vikings.

This is not a knock at Diggs, but with the culture and the foundation that Beane and Sean McDermott are building, Diggs would not be a fit for the Bills offense. Since McDermott took over, when was the last time you heard a Bills player complain about the state of the team? Taking a shot at the quarterbacks’ play? Exactly.

First off, the load that the Vikings could potentially ask for is close to a king’s ransom. Diggs is a valuable player, but he is not a top five receiver. You can expect the Vikings to ask for at minimum a first round pick, along with other draft picks and even a player depending on how desperate a team is for Diggs.

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Would he be fine with sharing reps and the ball with the other Bills’ playmakers? John Brown and Cole Beasley are the go-to receivers for Josh Allen. Dawson Knox is developing into a valuable weapon in the middle of the field and Devin Singletary runs the rock that moves the chains consistently for the Bills. Diggs has already voiced his frustrations about lack of production in Minnesota. Would he do the same in Buffalo and become a distraction?

Lastly, would the Bills be willing to take on Diggs’ contract? Making $14.4 million per year, he would be the Bills’ highest paid player on the roster. After Beane cleaned up the dead cap salary that was being carried for years by the Bills, the money that they invest is sacred to them. They want to spend on players who want to be apart of the process and fit the culture. It is without a doubt that you could question Diggs for being a great fit for the Bills’ culture.

If the rumors start to heat up about Diggs leaving Minnesota, the Bills should avoid being in trade talks with the Vikings. Focus on building the foundation and do not overpay for any player in the league.

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