There’s already talk of the XFL expanding, and it’s possible as long as they expand to major cities.

According to a tweet from a Philadelphia sports site, Philadelphia Sports Nation, the XFL could be expanding into another major market. That would be a good idea, as long as they keep it within major markets while they’re trying to grow.

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When the XFL originally re-launched, the major question was about where the teams would play. In December 2018, when they announced the cities would be New York, Washington D.C., Tampa, St. Louis, Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, and Seattle, those were perfect. Not only are they football markets already, but they are major media markets as well. This was a contrast to the AAF who tried to establish professional brands in college towns — a huge mistake.

With television ratings dipping slightly, but not dipping to the point of extinction like the previous version of the league or the AAF, the talk of expansion isn’t so ludicrous. However, what markets should be added.

Markets is key, because of the division balance. They must add teams in an even number. Here are four cities that would make great options.

Eastern Division

Boston/Foxborough, MA

Boston is the ninth highest media market in the US, and fifth on the east coast. They’d have two potential stadium options (Fenway Park and Gillette Stadium), and they could actually split the season between them.

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is the second-highest media market on the east coast, and they have several stadium options. There are two football stadiums and a baseball stadium (if they want to split time like they’d have to in Boston).

Western Division

Chicago, IL

The Chicago team would be in the Western Division (just like the Bears were when the NFL split into two divisions in 1933). The city of Chicago is the largest media market in the midwest and the third-highest in the US. There are plenty of stadium options there.

San Francisco, CA

Seattle has embraced the XFL, and the Bay Area probably would do the same. The Bay Area is the sixth-highest media market in the US and just behind LA on the West Coast. Adding another NFL stadium would be great too.

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