NAME: Cesar Ruiz

POSITION: Interior Offensive Line

SCHOOL: Michigan

HEIGHT: 6’4”

WEIGHT: 320 pounds

For today’s draft prospect profile, we will look into an offensive lineman who could slide into any system in the NFL. This guy is a super smooth and clean football player. In addition, he has plenty of college experience against Big Ten defensive linemen. Let’s get things started, with our breakdown of offensive lineman Cesar Ruiz.

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Pass Sets

Impressive footwork and allows himself to reset quickly after shuffling. Ruiz has a wide, thick base. This allows him to recover quickly. However, it will take him time to develop some strength. If that happens, Ruiz could improve greatly with his steps and movement. His powerful anchor allows him to take his time pushing up field, as well.

Hand Usage

Ruiz uses quick, active punches to best defenders. He does not have the greatest length to reach or pull when blocking. On the other hand, Ruiz does not shy away from trying to work defenders laterally. The good thing is, he is not overly grabby and is polished during most reps. You can see how stout and sturdy Ruiz is when blocking. Rarely, does he get surprised by blitzers. This is huge, because of his shorter arms. Overall, Ruiz sets himself up well and he reaches his marks against opposing targets.

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Very clean when with his hips and feet. Ruiz does not waste time when getting off the ball or his stance. I would say his short area quickness is a lot more developed than pulling into the open field. This is a good aspect though, as Ruiz displays a dense lower half. His lateral ability and movement may need some work. His hip hinge and opening show how well Ruiz can bend and coil. Above all else, the lower half takes him so far.


Ruiz may play like clean, determined player. Nonetheless, there is a good majority of plays where he will rough of some defenders. You can see the tenacious style that is on tap from this offensive lineman. If he is disengaged, Ruiz will go head hunting for a defender in the open field. He is stout and will not back down from a challenge someone throws his way.

Chiefs Fit

Ruiz is a versatile player up front, who can fit any offensive style. That would pair nicely with an offensive like Andy Reid‘s, being run by Patrick Mahomes. He is stable and smart. We mentioned he is very experienced. Ruiz logged three starting seasons for the Michigan Wolverines. Again, his length is a little underwhelming. So, he may be best suited for center only. We will see if Ruiz gets a shot at a guard spot, in the future.

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