NAME: D’Andre Swift

POSITION: Running Back

SCHOOL: Georgia

HEIGHT: 5’9”

WEIGHT: 215 pounds

It is time for our next draft prospect profile. Today, we dive into one of the premier running backs in the star studded 2020 draft class. This player can serve as a three down starter at the NFL level immediately. His blend of power and patience make him a difficult runner to slow down or tackle. Now, let’s begin things with our breakdown of Georgia ball carrier D’Andre Swift.

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Swift displays some impressive results here. You can see how quickly he reads blocks, while noticing when defenders are trying to cheat. In fact, Swift has a good idea of where the open seam could be in pre-snap. You see his eyes read the outside linebackers first. Afterwards, he will turn his attention into the middle of the field. However, Swift is still developing on how to read defensive linemen that are working across his face. He does a nice job of putting his foot in the ground, and blasting forward when seeing open grass. But overall, Swift loves to use patience and juke defenders out of their shoes.


Swift can turn on the burners in a snap of the finger. You can see him really gain speed on stretch runs to the outside, or when opposing defenders get too far upfield. When holes or blocks open up, Swift works quickly to the second level. Do not be surprised when he breaks a tackle or trucks over a would be tackler. Because, Swift will instantly find that extra gear and push upfield.

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Feet/Change of Direction Skills

I was intrigued by the Swift’s results in this area. From what he showed in 2018, you did not often see the fluidity in his steps/runs. That was a different story in 2019. He moves so effortlessly in space and can bounce outside or fake defenders out in a hurry. What coaches likely enjoy from Swift, is that he is a one cut kind of running back. Meaning, he often will not waste too much time by dancing in the backfield. Based off of these traits, it is no wonder why Swift fit in so well with the zone running scheme at Georgia.


As we mentioned earlier, Swift is seemingly difficult to wrap up. He absorbs contact well. This is not just because of the running style he uses. However, Swift has the ample amount of anticipation for oncoming defenders. Combined with his patience, there is a great deal command that he runs under. You rarely see him out of control. Finally, his power from the lower half allows him to squeeze through tight gaps.

Pass Catching

Swift is really above average as a pass catching back. Often at Georgia, he would have to make tough catches in tight coverage, or surrounded by defenders in the backfield. That has helped him adjust to balls in the air or to set up for yards after the catch. What also makes Swift above average here, is the fact that he has lined up out wide more than a handful of teams. He has a plentiful route tree.

Pass Protection

Technique is well executed here. You will often see Swift try to take out blitzers at their legs. If not, he has encouraging strength to stick with bigger defenders up high. Swift is a willing blocker. But, you would still like to see more consistency in that aspect.

Chiefs Fit

Swift would be a perfect puzzle piece in Kansas City. With a zone running scheme, and his versatility, the Chiefs could make defenses wary of him in different areas. He can cut and anticipate probably better than anyone in this draft class. Not only would the offensive line prowess of the Chiefs serve him well, but the receivers blocking success would set up home run hitting opportunities. Swift’s pass catching is simply an added bonus.

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