NAME: Jonathan Greenard


SCHOOL: Florida

HEIGHT: 6’4”

WEIGHT: 262 pounds

Having multiple players who can rush the passer is important for defenses to have success. For the first time this year, we are going to do our first edge rusher draft prospect profile. This player will definitely not be considered as impactful as a prospect, compared to those like Chase Young or K’Lavon Chaisson. However, there is some potential to like where this guy would mix in well for someone like the Kansas City Chiefs. Now, let’s get things started with our breakdown of Florida’s Jonathan Greenard.

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First Step Quickness

Greenard is not as bendy when rushing around the edge, as opposed to other pass rushers. His burst is there. But, very rarely does he win with a first step burst off of the line of scrimmage. What is impressive, is Greenard’s ability to anticipate what blockers or quarterbacks are thinking. His quickness will not show up as a rusher. Instead, Greenard is more impactful with short area quickness and power.

Pass Rush Counters

Greenard is still raw in this area. You can see him realize just which plays he will have more success. If he feels like there is space to beat blockers from inside, Greenard will gladly take that route. When blockers let him release on their inside shoulder, he uses chop or swipe moves to get into the backfield. As for combining multiple pass rush moves on one play goes, that is still a work in progress for Greenard. He shows great effort in using his hands and the length that is at his disposal. Usually, he will create a couple of holding penalties in each game. If Greenard cannot win with a pass rush, he is pretty effective in setting the edge and staying stout in space.

Run Defense

For being a raw pass rusher, Greenard does a nice job of playing against the run. We mentioned how effective he is in setting the edge and being stout. When he meets ball carriers at the point of attack, he holds his ground and collapses down on open angles. Greenard’s motor and effort are there on the line of scrimmage. He can struggle with lateral mobility and getting too far up the field. Nonetheless, Greenard could become a three down defender, because of his prowess in stopping the run.

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Florida used Greenard in a variety of ways. He showed moments of success in both a three point stance and standing up before the snap. What area suits him better? It is likely as a down lineman, in a three point stance. You see his quickness and pass rush moves come through more there. Greenard was even placed on the inside of the defensive line in each stance at times. His length and tackle radius allow him room in which to work with for different situations. Lastly, Greenard was even tasked with playing coverage against screen attempts. He will not be able to drop back, but Greenard reads the quarterback well.


Getting to the football may not always look pretty for this Florida defender. Yet when Greenard gets his arms around a ball carrier, there is always a chance for a fumble to occur. He is sneaky in ripping through the opposing runner and clamping down on their arms. Once again, Greenard has tremendous length for getting a hand on an opposing player. He does a nice job of setting himself up for tackles, with angles and landmarks.

Chiefs Fit

Jonathan Greenard could be a nice depth piece on the edge for the Kansas City Chiefs. He is not flashy. His finesse style could be similar to that of Alex Okafor, Emmanuel Ogbah and Breeland Speaks. Joining someone like Frank Clark, would help to develop a wider array of pass rush moves. Having that inside rush presence and ability to stop the run, will help him early though.

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