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Cleveland Browns’ general manager Andrew Berry has stated that the team plans on tendering running back Kareem Hunt. Apparently, they want to get this mistake out of the way early.

While this tender doesn’t necessarily mean they will retain him, it does make that just a little bit closer to reality. Hunt is a restricted free agent, if a team offers enough money and Cleveland is not willing to match, the Browns will receive compensation in return.

Here’s the deal. Keeping Kareem Hunt is a mistake. Hunt has shown an inability to keep himself out of trouble time and time again. It’s about the collection of incidents, not just one specifically. (Although one does stick out that should have kept him out of the league permanently).

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For a team that has no discipline, no culture, no accountability, this only leads to giving others permission to act like complete jackasses. If they’re talented what do they have to worry about? Cleveland doesn’t seem all that too concerned with character at the moment.

If the Browns really want to turn things around, letting Kareem Hunt walk should be step one. If a different team wants to take on all the liabilities that come with Hunt, let them. Certain organizations can handle players like Hunt. The Browns have shown repeatedly that they are not one of them.

The post Browns to tender Kareem Hunt appeared first on This Is Believeland.

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