The NHL’s emergency goalie procedure is expected to be discussed at the general managers’ meetings next week. The NHL’s Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said on Tuesday that they will be looking at it and seeing what they can do with the situation.

After the unthinkable happened and both James Reimer and Petr Mrazek went down with injuries on Saturday night, the stage was set for 42-year-old David Ayres a Toronto Marlies Zamboni driver to suit up for the Carolina Hurricanes. He made 8 saves on 10 shots in a 6-3 win vs The Toronto Maple Leafs. He won the hearts of the hockey world and the Leafs were left embarrassed and broken.

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The story for Ayres has been awesome and has brought him to the biggest TV shows the world has to offer. The fact that they’re discussing changing the procedure wreaks of “Toronto Privilege!”. If this had happened against any other team it wouldn’t be going this far period.

This was one of the best feel-good stories in sports history. 42-year old David Ayres should have a movie made about him one day and the league to try to step in and kill the fun because the royal family of hockey teams got embarrassed is just pathetic. The David Ayres buzz was positive for the game on a global level and trying to take away cinderella stories like this should be a crime. Lock them up and throw away the key. That was good old fashioned fun and everyone outside Toronto loved it.


  1. I have no idea why you would think that the leafs are responsible for a possible rule change. I am a die hard leafs fan and yes it was embarrassing but the push for this change came from all the other teams who were fighting for a playoff spot and were upset that the leafs would possibly score a ton of goals on this goalie. The leafs were in a no win situation. Please investigate the facts.

  2. This is absolutely a feel good story and from someone not only a maple leaf fan, but also from Toronto, I love it!
    I have not spoken to one person in Toronto that did not love this story.
    Yes, the maple maple were embarrassed, and yes, so they should have been.
    I really don’t think you are representing anyone from either the city of Toronto, or the maple leafs with your shortsided view.
    The only people who are concerned about the emergency goalie situation is the NHL.
    Where everything is about the “business” of hockey, and not about the game anymore.
    I think you should probably check with the people you are speaking for, before you make an ass of yourself for taking liberties where no such feelings exist!
    Fact check: fake news!!

  3. Its leave privilege because it feels as if they dont want another team to be embarrassed like the leafs did? That makes no sense its more likr the opposite the rest of the league never wants to be an embarrassment like the leafs so they decided “nope not us” time for a change…… thats the opposite of leaf privilege though

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