2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Ross Blacklock

Position: Defensive Tackle

School: TCU

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 305 pounds



When looking at his getoff the snap, break this down into several parts. First, Blacklock’s eyes, in concert with his feet time the ball moving. From there, the first step, behind his pads, he lifts his hands quicker than the guard. As a result, the blocker, if singled us at an immediate problem spot. Blacklock can win with either quickness or power right after the ball leaves the ground.

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Pass Rush

Currently, enough of a toolbox to enhance with strict coaching. Blacklock’s bullrush usually combats double teams to surprising results. Despite his size, the hand dexterity presented lends itself to an ambidextrous swim, rip and counters.


In all honesty, Blacklock appears as a capable tackler with upside. He needs to punish the ballcarrier a bit more. Now, don’t confuse that with headhunting. Blacklock needs to generate the force he flashes on a consistent basis. By making the ballcarrier pay, Blacklock will force turnovers based solely on his short-area quickness.

Team Fit

As of this writing, Mike Mayock spoke at the Combine. Normally, GMs participate in smokescreens during the offseason. Yet, he appeared direct and rather pointed in his comments towards PJ Hall. Entering his third season, the heat on Hall looks intense. Although Hall enjoys a vast array of athletic gifts, he lacks length. Blacklock stands about four inches taller and uses the reach to win at the line of scrimmage. Additionally, PJ Hall isn’t a Mayock pick. Therefore, he could find himself on the outside of the roster. Blacklock looks like an immediate starter.

Why Blacklock?

As mentioned, over various profiles, the hiring of Rod Marinelli looms large. Blacklock aligns with what Marinelli wants from tackles. His burst from the snap, combined with the ability to penetrate, will catch attention. While people don’t solely focus on interior linemen, they give defenses a spark. Blacklock slides into various roles. He brings the quickness of a three-technique and the ability loop around the edge.

Medical Issue

In August 2018, Blacklock suffered an Achilles injury that ended his season before it started. While he returned with a vengence in 2019, teams will perform their due diligence.

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