NAME: Cam Akers

POSITION: Running Back

SCHOOL: Florida State

HEIGHT: 5’11”

WEIGHT: 218 pounds

Today’s draft profile will look into our next running back prospect. This player definitely can be called versatile and explosive. But, he is more patient than most people will anticipate. In addition, this rusher grinds out the tough yards after contact. Let’s get things started with our breakdown of Florida State’s Cam Akers.

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Akers is commonly pressing the line of scrimmage. He makes quick decisions, as far as cuts and bursting up field goes. Unfortunately, Akers was behind an underwhelming, erratic offensive line while at Florida State. This did lead to some indecisiveness at times. Meaning, there are plays where you can see the hole open up, or there’s an ability to bounce it outside. Akers just gets overly antsy and dances too much, though. You can see how impressive his instincts are when facing pressure in space.


Akers is a very explosive and athletic player. He receives a ton of designed inside runs. However, Akers can be deadly when stretching the play to the outside. If defenders cannot contain him, he will hit that second gear to blow away from everybody in a hurry. You can see how slippery he is, as tacklers have trouble timing their tackles against him. Speaking of slipperiness, anyhow, Akers has room to improve with ball security. Too often does the ball pop out from a big hit. Also, he took some direct snaps throughout his time at FSU. Too often did the ball security cost him when trying to run the option plays. What is a nice added bonus? Combined with the burst, Akers is incredibly powerful.

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Feet/Change of Direction Skills

There is plenty of bounce in this running back’s step. Akers is a dynamic cutter. But, that may not be his strong suit. You can see how well he works on inside zone runs. The stop to start ability, and recovery ability, is impressive for a back of his stature. As we mentioned, he is impressively strong and powerful. This comes from Akers hip sink and pad level. Overall, there is not too much to worry about with his feet and steps.


I did not anticipate his consistency to bounce off of tacklers. Along with his explosive burst, Akers can make life challenging on defenders. He does a nice job to absorb hits and grind out the tough yards. Akers loves to show off his physicality. You can watch and see just how controlled he runs, while there is a havoc happening around him.

Pass Catching

This is easily the most underdeveloped part of Akers’ game in my eyes. First off, his hands are not very natural. There were way too many drops on plays where Akers would have picked up a healthy chunk of yardage. Maybe it is partly due to the offense that Florida State ran, but he is very raw as a route runner. His route tree is simple and concise. Akers will need to work hard here, to become a complete back in the NFL.

Pass Protection

Akers is physical and works hard to stay with defenders through the whistle. He is patient, so you may think he is taking too long to attack opponents at the point of attack. But, he displays good hand punches, moves his feet to set up blocks and can cut defenders down at the shins. If there is one knock on Akers in pass pro, it is that he can be caught off guard by which blitzer he is supposed to take. Recognizing his exact assignment is a work in progress.

Chiefs Fit

Cam Akers has the shiftiness to go along with the explosiveness and power to be a dynamic running back at the NFL level. He is still raw in a few crucial areas, where the Chiefs would likely want their backs to be improved at. Nonetheless, those attributes are not impossible to grow at. Akers will gradually become more aware of the NFL defenders’ speed. The abilities are there, but this running back will need time to develop.

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