The Edmonton Oilers have been a laughing stock of a franchise over the last decade disappointment after disappointment over that time span, but the tables have turned this season. Lead by former Detroit Redwings GM Ken Holland The Oilers seem like they can handle any situation including the injury bug, and employing Zach Kassian.

Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl have taken over the NHL with their high dynamic style of play and it is just terrifying for any team to play against. Draisaitl leads the NHL in points with 107 and McDavid is righty behind him in second with 94. Both players are fresh off five-point games against Nashville last night and have Edmonton knocking on the door of Vegas for first in the Pacific Division.

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With Mike Smith providing stability in goal alongside Mikko Koskinen, this team is destined for the playoffs and are bound to make some noise. Watch out NHL fans. Hell has frozen over and Edmonton is good this year and will go deep into the playoffs.


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