New York Islanders defenseman Johnny Boychuk practiced with the team on Monday morning for the first time after a scary scene saw him take a kick in the face that lead to the veteran defenseman receiving 90 stitches. The scary part was learning he had a severed eyelid yet 0 damage to the actual eye itself. Millimeters away from a tragedy

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The incident occurred when Montreal Canadiens forward Artturi Lehkonen was tripped up, causing his skate to come up in the air and catch Boychuk under his visor during a loss at the hands of the Montreal Canadiens. The Islander’s training staff sprung right into the action. Between this incident and the incident last month with Jay Boumeester, these medical staff men and women deserve a ton of recognition. They are the best!.

The fact that after 90 stitches to his face and plastic surgery Boychuk on the ice leads me to only one possible conclusion and that is that Johnny Boychuk is actually superman.

I speak for all hockey fans when I say that the incident was absolutely horrifying. The fact that Johnny could be back before the end of the season just further proves the hockey players are the toughest players in the world period. Johnny “Rocket” Boychuk is literally Superman.

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