XFL should be able to work a deal with Fox and Disney Corp. for television right, and there’s one reason — college football.

The XFL has made its home on FOX, FS1, ESPN, and ABC in 2020. There isn’t a long-term deal in place, but there should be. Despite the dwindling numbers, unless the numbers precipitously drop, the league can point to college football as the reason to keep the relationship going.

When you look at the numbers, as provided by the site Showbuzz Daily, there is a very strong case to be made that the league is more regional than national. National TV ratings actually favor that opinion so far.

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College football is definitely regional. Their national numbers are decent, with the exception of a few major games per week. The new professional football league is actually on par with college football in terms of eyeballs watching.

In fact, outside of three or four (typically) prime time games per week, the league has outdone college football on FOX, FS1, ESPN, and ABC.

Do they deserve NFL money? Heck no.

Do they deserve a long-term contract that can help sustain the league? Yes.

In fact, not only has it outdone college football, but the XFL has also out-performed the NBA, college basketball, and the NHL. So, it has proven to be a viable entity. It’s oudoing the college basketball games that are on at the same time on the FOX and Disney sports networks.

As long as the numbers don’t drop into the abyss, there’s no legitimate reason not to keep this league afloat by keeping it on television.


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