NAME: Noah Igbinoghene

POSITION: Cornerback

SCHOOL: Auburn

HEIGHT: 5’11”

WEIGHT: 200 pounds

Today’s draft prospect is a former wide receiver, who has converted to the defensive back position. Also, he comes from a very athletic family, as both of his parents were Olympic track athletes. There is still some rawness in this player’s game. However, the physicality and length would suit the Kansas City Chiefs very well. Now, let’s get things started with our breakdown of Auburn’s Noah Igbinoghene.

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Coverage Skills

For starters, Igbinoghene has some versatility as a cornerback. He can line up near the line of scrimmage, in the slot or in a high quarters look. Igbinoghene offers quick click and close ability while in zone coverage. His timing while jumping on top of routes is still a work in progress as he learns the position. For example, you will see a few penalties come because he hooks the opposing receiver’s hip just a bit early. While in man coverage, Igbinoghene displays natural mirroring abilities. The recovery speed, physicality and competitiveness downfield is what really sticks out. As a result, quarterbacks can have a difficult time fitting balls into tight windows against this Auburn defender.


Igbinoghene has smooth, fluid hips. Impressively, he can flip those hips and work well at difficult angles. His lateral movement skills are something that some cornerbacks wish they had when entering the NFL level. Meanwhile, his footwork is still underdeveloped. He can take too many steps on plays where the ball is thrown in front of him. Again, the recovery speed makes up for this. But, the footwork will need to be worked on early. Igbinoghene’s mobility and click and close strengths allow him to cover a good chunk of ground in open space.

Ball Skills

Overall, there is not a clear consistency for Igbinoghene when it comes to ball skills. His production of pass deflections show up on tape. Yet, I was surprised with how often he got his head around to the football. On some plays, Igbinoghene is comfortable with face guarding opposing receivers. There is not a great deal of comfortable from this cornerback in this area, though. Eventually, the turnovers will occur more for Igbinoghene as he continues to grow as a defensive back.

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Certainly, Igbinoghene is a prideful player who gives a ton of effort. He will chase running backs or receivers from behind way down the field. In the passing game, Igbinoghene has the physicality and scrappiness that is needed in today’s NFL. Having these abilities, along with the body control and pop at the top of routes, should help Igbinoghene early on.


Igbinoghene is not afraid to stick his nose in the pile to make a tackle. That is positive part of his tackling. On the other hand, Igbinoghene is not the most polished or formed tackler. His feet can be too choppy, allowing receivers or running backs to churn out a few extra yards. Opponents also have the knack to bounce off of him, when he struggles to wrap up.

Chiefs Fit

Obviously, Noah Igbinoghene is still growing at cornerback, having just played the position for two years. He will eventually feel more comfortable with his ball skills and natural defending. Despite that, Igbinoghene could gift the Chiefs a controlled player at cornerback. He is someone who knows how to break up passes. Finally, Kansas City would have some wiggle room to work with by lining him up all over the field.

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