NAME: Michael Onwenu

POSITION: Interior Offensive Lineman

SCHOOL: Michigan

HEIGHT: 6’3”

WEIGHT: 350 pounds

In today’s draft prospect profile, we look into an impressively athletic big man at guard. His power at the point of attack gives opposing defenders fits. In addition, you can see how much his length and feet can help lead him to success. He was important in the running game for Michigan. However, there will need to be some development as a pass blocker. Kansas City’s offense could suit him very well. Now, let’s get things started with our breakdown of Michael Onwenu.

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Pass Sets

First of all, he slides and mirrors opponents gracefully in space. Onwenu uses light footwork to move or recover quickly. As a result, he does of a nice job of staying stout and not becoming off balance, or top heavy. On the flip side, pass rushers can have their way with Onwenu if they have time to pick up speed and momentum. He is a natural athlete. Overall, Onwenu impresses by not wasting time with his movement during the blocks.

Hand Usage

Quick twitched defensive linemen can give Onwenu fits. He has the length to reach far to force defenders to work laterally. Nonetheless, he does not always use that to his advantage. Onwenu will be tested on his punches and timing. This will include his early development at the NFL level. When he does use punches and his hands, the power and placement it was works against opponents. If Onwenu gets this to click with his above average footwork, holes will open up at the snap of a finger.

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Definitely, I was surprised to see how flexible Onwenu was in his tape. He has the ability to flip his hips, and then works well to get under the pads of opposing defenders. Additionally, he is mobile and the feet are nimble. You will not see him reach the second level too often. But, his change of direction skills are effective. Moving on to his build, Onwenu has a dense frame and massive anchor. His powerful lower half makes power rushers have to alter plans.


Though not all of his matchups are easy, Onwenu displays great effort on every rep. On favorable plays, he can bully you into the ground. He knows how to use his leverage to his advantage, in order to set defenders up for bulldozing plays. This is yet another interior offensive lineman in the 2020 class who can be a nasty mauler. Finally, the pride and compete factor that Onwenu plays with results in big plays when they are there.

Chiefs Fit

Michael Onwenu would fit well at right guard for the Kansas City Chiefs. In fact, that is where he generally dominated at the University of Michigan in the Big Ten. With how he opens up holes, he could thrive in the zone rushing scheme of the Chiefs. Onwenu can move nimbly in space to mow down opponents. While developing as a pass blocker, he could mesh well with Kansas City’s ability to misdirect defenses.

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