With the state of sports in chaos, we look at the possible impact the Coronavirus has on the XFL. The first is that fans will not be able to attend. Governor Phil Murphy recently announced that he will be putting a ban on large crowds. This means that the New York Guardians will not have fans able to attend their home games. This is the third city the XFL has that will implement one of these bans.

Local Influence

Both Seattle and Washington D.C. already have bans in place as both of their local government have banned large gatherings. One for a league that is starting to grow this most likely will stunt the growth of the league. Yes to me it is the right move to keep people safe but this will almost certainly impact the league financially.

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Secondly to me, there is no way that the league will not cancel or postpone games. With all of the major sports already suspending their games, the XFL will be crazy to allow games to go on. We have seen NBA players test positive, college basketball championships shut down and NFL cancel their major meeting.

Right Path

If the XFL is going to start their league on the right foot they are going to have to do the right thing. In order to prevent the spread of this virus, they are going to have to follow suit and potentially suspend the season for the time being. The XFL may not have the pull of the other professional sports but they can do the right thing. We will continue to update you with information as we know.

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