Those of us with underlying health issues get annoyed when we disperse countless medications into a pill case for daily consumption to deal with diabetes, high blood pressure, and other maladies. But we do this and take our meds to combat these deadly diseases. It’s called being cautious, prudent and pragmatic.

With that in mind let’s give credit to professional sports leagues like the NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS for suspending their seasons and operations due to the COVID-19 virus which the World Health Organization labeled a Worldwide Pandemic.

The keyword here suspending, which by definition means temporary. The NBA regular season was scheduled to end on April 15th. The league should shut down for four to six weeks and evaluate the situation. If the doctors and scientists give a green light to resume play, the season can be salvaged. At that point, the current standings could determine the playoff seedings. The NBA Finals could be played in late July or early August which is traditionally a dead period for sports.

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Even the tone-deaf NCAA has canceled its tournament.

These temporary problems have sensible solutions.

In 1981 Major League Baseball went dark for six weeks due to a player’s strike. The season was divided into two halves with a full postseason taking place. The Dodgers beat the Yankees in the ’81 World Series.

I get that comparing a player’s strike to a deadly virus is not exactly apples to apples. But my point is an interrupted sports season can still have a post-season.

Sports often serve as a diversion from everyday problems. In this case, the sports community can show the lead in dealing with this scary unknown. It’s time for everyone to press pause and let the experts handle this deadly virus which is not the flu or a cold.

There are no vaccines for Coronavirus which is 10 times more deadly than the flu and more contagious. Chicken soup and warm ginger ale will not combat it.

Stay safe.

John Sapochetti is co-host of the “Sap & Kat Show”.

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