Welcome to Crossbody of Work, a show where we break down a wrestler’s career through five of their biggest matches.

This week we take a look at the master of the Diamond Cutter, Diamond Dallas Page. We take a look at five memorable matches from DDP’s career, all of which taking place during his WCW run against opponents like Goldberg, Randy Savage and Sting. Evan & Javier also talk about:

  • Which is better, the RKO or the Diamond Cutter
  • Ready to Rumble – cinematic masterpiece
  • DDP’s weird stalked debut in WWE

And a lot more. Listen to the podcast here, and check out the links to the matches below.

Match One:

DDP vs Randy Savage, Spring Stampede 1997
Link to the match here.

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Match Two:

DDP & Karl Malone vs Hulk Hogan & Dennis Rodman, Bash at the Beach 1998
Link to the match here.

Match Three:

DDP (c) vs Raven, WCW United States Championship, Spring Stampede 1998
Link to the match here.

Match Four:

DDP vs Goldberg (c), WCW World Heavyweight Championship, Halloween Havoc 1998
Link to the match here.

Match Five:

DDP (c) vs Sting, WCW World Heavyweight Championship, Nitro – April 26, 1999
Link to the match here.

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