The NHL has issued new instructions to all players including those from overseas, they have been instructed to head home and told they MUST stay in quarantine until the end of March once they get there. This is a huge change from the NHLPA’s message 48 hours ago where they told the players to hang tight. Why is that significant? Because the regular season looks like it will be lost based on that time frame.

That brings us to April where after they go on self quarantine these players will definitely be seeing other family members and friends who could have Covid-19 or been around someone with it so at in the best case scenario they wouldn’t be able to get going again until the beginning of May at the earliest.

The original plan according to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman was that the regular season had to be finished as the league has completed 70 games per team. The regular season is all but lost now. This latest news maybe confirms some rumours we have been hearing this week that a summer March Madness style tournament could be implemented to ensure that the 70 games played were not for nothing. Whatever the next move is for the NHL one thing is for certain… Today’s news sucks for anyone like myself hoping we would see some damn sports on the TV sometime soon. For now I will go back to watching all the verified hockey journalists fight over he is the most woke on the Covid situation.

We will have more as it develops…


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