NAME: Cameron Dantzler

POSITION: Cornerback

SCHOOL: Mississippi State

HEIGHT: 6’2”

WEIGHT: 185 pounds

Today’s draft prospect profile, will look into a cornerback who uses a good mix of patience and aggressiveness. His size has rose question marks about him going into the NFL. However, the physicality and stickiness in coverage should help to mitigate that. In a defense like Steve Spagnuolo‘s he could also move around in a cornerback/safety hybrid role, if necessary. Now, let’s get things started with our breakdown of Mississippi State’s Cameron Dantzler.

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Coverage Skills

While in man coverage, Dantzler is vicious and disruptive at the catch point. He has a good feel to stick with receivers deep down the field. In situations like this, Dantzler does a nice job to high point the football or get his hands in the receiver’s way to break up the play. There are times on his tape where he can become stuck in space. Not being able to stick at the top of routes, or on routes breaking inside will lead to growing pains early on. As a zone coverage cornerback, Dantzler’s instincts stick out the most. He has the anticipation to read the quarterback’s eyes. Finally, fighting through blocks was impressive to see on tape.


Overall, Dantzler is a pretty fluid player. He’s got a bit of a tight build. Nonetheless, his hips are pretty flexible and he shows little wasted movement skills. Dantzler has that twitch in hips to launch and fly through opponents when putting hits on opponents. Earlier, we talked about his results against route breaks. He does not possess top tier speed consistently. On the other hand, Dantzler has ample footwork that shows up. His ability to recover quickly will suit his game well early on.

Ball Skills

The length, combined with active, disruptive hands leads to pass breakup opportunities. Dantzler has shown both good and bad with his timing. For positives, his breaks on the football when closing down on routes is well done. Dantzler meets the receiver when the ball gets there, forcing drops. Meanwhile, his timing on plays deep down the field can be come and go. You will see opportunities there on tape. However, Dantzler can become froze like a deer in the headlights.

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Definitely, there will be a fair share of plays where opponents will have the better overall functional strength to beat Dantzler. He fights so hard, though. His ability to fly up and fight through blocks to make tackles was encouraging to see on tape. Furthermore, Dantzler loves to punch opponents in the mouth when pressing at the line of scrimmage. He will not hesitate or back down against some of the better receivers. Dantzler does a nice job of laying the boom when given the chance.


The willingness to tackle is there for the most part. Other times, Dantzler becomes unenthused. He did suffer an injury earlier in 2019 when coming into the backfield on a tackle attempt. So, that could have the defender a little gun shy. Dantzler sets himself up well, due to his angles and landmarks. Consequently, when given blitz opportunities at Mississippi State, he found the ball well and has good play recognition.

Chiefs Fit

Cameron Dantzler projects best as a defensive back who can move around and play different positions for the Kansas City Chiefs. His ability to realize routes and anticipate quarterback’s passes will help out any defense he joins. To boot, his effort and fight to make plays are a likable trait. Dantzler will be overmatched by opponents strength. But, the instincts and playmaking style can help to soften that blow. He should receive consideration at nickel cornerback or possibly safety.

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