NAME: Tyler Biadasz

POSITION: Interior Offensive Lineman

SCHOOL: Wisconsin

HEIGHT: 6’3”

WEIGHT: 320 pounds

In today’s draft prospect profile, we will look into an offensive lineman who has all the potential to be a mainstay in the NFL for a long time. Unfortunately due to injuries and inconsistent play, this player’s stock took a hit going into this draft process. The Chiefs won’t shy away from him though, if he can help make the team better. Now, let’s get things started with our breakdown of Wisconsin’s Tyler Biadasz.

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Pass Sets

Overall, Biadasz will need to work on his footwork and balance more than anything going into the NFL. It will be important for him to cheat and do what he knows best, while learning how to properly slide with and mirror opposing defenders. Biadasz has decent mobility, while being able to pull and reach the second level. Opponents tested his range and length fairly heavily this past season. His top half is strong, and his competitive nature will help to make up for lower half mistakes. The inconsistencies are a bit confusing at times.

Hand Usage

His length brings on more challenges against nose tackles. The power at the point of attack makes up for that, however. Honestly, his timing and placement is pretty impressive. Biadasz plows people into the ground when pulling to the outside or the numbers. Furthermore, having the freedom to stay tight in gaps, while sinking into a lower position helps to hide weaknesses. As for his hand usage goes, Biadasz stills polishing, but he is not too sloppy.


Generally, Biadasz has above average mobility and lateral quickness. Yet, hip injuries have resulted in some early drop off with his athleticism. His pop and hinge in the hips are tight. To say he cannot realign against slanting defenders is foolish. But, Biadasz can struggle to shift with defenders. Or, he will open his hips up too quickly. I think his strength both up high and in his lower half will help to mitigate that. To boot, Biadasz also has plentiful reps where he wins with leverage.

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Definitely, I believe this is the area where you can most trust Biadasz to come through. His effort will never not be there. Certainly, he can be a bully and a mauler up front. When you watch Biadasz you see how often he is working to find more blocks, reach the second level or play through the whistle. There was a video where Biadasz said he believed his football IQ is what makes him stand out. In addition to his competitiveness, he is mentally and physically durable.

Chiefs Fit

Tyler Biadasz projects as a starting center in the NFL. With Kansas City, his ability to work in tight angles or spaces will fit well. His functional athleticism and mobility present question marks, as do the health concerns. Nonetheless his technique, along with his strength and toughness provide potential. Biadasz can fit in the zone rushing scheme well. Finally, the benefit he provides with his football IQ shows up heavily from the starting experience he garnered at Wisconsin.

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