The New York Jets still have a lot of holes, but their best-case scenario for the 2020 NFL Draft would be to walk away with Mekhi Becton and Matt Hennessy.

The roster for the New York Jets still needs a lot of work. Even with the signings, they still need help along the offensive line, at edge, corner, and wide receiver. They’re far from a finished product.

You can say one thing, though. Joe Douglas and Adam Gase seem to be on the same page and are crafting a roster to fit what Gase wants to do, and despite all the signings on the offensive line, the Jets should still use their first two picks in the draft on the offensive line.

Gase’s system is predicated by offensive linemen who can move. In order to be successful, he needs the offensive line to be very athletic. This is clear based on the moves they made.

If we are truly honest with ourselves, we know they’re not done yet. They still need to address the line in the draft. The players they have, save for Connor McGovern, are adequate at best in terms of overall talent.

As a result of this, the Jets still need to draft two players on the offensive line. That’s where Mekhi Becton and Matt Hennessy come in. When it comes to scheme fit, Becton and Hennessy are the best fits for the Jets at their respective positions in the draft.

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Imagine being 6’7″ and 364 pounds. Now imaging that guy being able to move in a zone scheme and to help a quarterback whose talent includes throwing on the run. Becton is that guy. He’s freakishly athletic for his size, and his combination of power and athleticism is rare.

Hennessy doesn’t possess the size of Becton, but where they are very similar is in their athleticism. Hennessy has an ability to not only handle zone blocking, but he can climb to the second level to take on linebackers and take on rushers in space if Gase will just use Darnold on designed rollouts.

There’s one problem. In simulations run, Hennessy has yet to fall to the Jets at No. 48. So, being able to draft him may require moving up. While many won’t like spending the capital, it would be a good thing for this team in 2020.

Let me play devil’s advocate for a moment. What if Gase’s system will work in the long-run with the right players, and he can be successful with Darnold long-term by building to his scheme?

Only time will tell on that one, but for now, Thomas and Hennessy are the best fits for the team.

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