2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: CJ Henderson

Position: Cornerback

School: The University of Florida

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 202 pounds


Ball Skills

With that frame and reach, Henderson makes the most basic ball a chore. As a result, he stays in the play until the whistle. In 2019, Henderson did not register an interception. However, in the two previous years, he snagged six, including two pick-sixes. During his rookie year, that aggression and innate timing need to return. A sound defensive scheme and maybe early snaps in a subpackage could help.

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Despite his long-legged gait, Henderson brings above-average speed to the table. First, he alters his stride to fit the occasion. Next, he drives on the underneath routes, stopping a completion or making the stop. Not to mention, Henderson shows the makeup acceleration to gain ground on just about any receiver. Lastly, he screams off the edge on blitzes, getting in the backfield in a hurry.


Blessed with the tools, Henderson needs to tighten his approach. His hips appear inconsistent. Plus, he will occasionally grasp a bit too high. While this isn’t a dealbreaker, a quality position can immediately drill this out of him, without a doubt. At the next level, Henderson’s approach will differ.

Team Fit

While the Raiders signed Eli Apple, that should not prohibit them from looking at Henderson. Granted, Apple is still young, the Raiders are his third team before the age of 25. That lends itself to the whispers of immaturity that grew into screams in spots. In addition, Apple developed a reputation for collecting penalties. Sixteen pass interference calls in four years do not signal a competent corner. Meanwhile, Henderson will display a bit more of nuance to the field. Plus, he demonstrates a higher athletic ceiling.

Why Henderson?

Basically, Henderson checks every box for what the Las Vegas Raiders seek in a cornerback. With his length, he gives the Raiders a long-limbed threat to shadow wideouts. Plus, he will throw his nose into the fray. That is to say, Henderson will hit. Now, he will need to ramp up the aggression a bit in run support. Yet, the traits present Henderson as a Day Two draft pick. If the Raiders made a trade that nets them a second-round pick, Henderson’s name will be called on that day. On the whole, CJ Henderson gives the Las Vegas Raiders a young corner to pair with Trayvon Mullen on the perimeter.

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