2020 Raiders Draft Profile Prospect

Name: Jeff Gladney

Position: Cornerback

School: Texas Christian University

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 191 pounds



Everything in a complete challenge. Gladney will make the wideout work for every step, cut and target. Although he’s not the biggest, he will lockdown and go the physical route, jostling the wideout until the pass arrived much later than expected. If playing off, Gladney recovers that submitted space, still making the play. Basically, the first five yards can be a brawl. After that, Gladney will sit in the bubble of the wideout. Every catch is going to be contested. From underneath to vertical, the former TCU product stays ready.

Ball Skills

Gladney overtly believes that every target in his direction belongs to him. He will elevate, fighting for the grab and getting in the way. Plus, his hands remain a magnet for the ball. Sticky, but sure hands allow him to make sound plays on the ball. Five career picks and thirty-seven defended passes call attention his ballhawk tendencies.


First and foremost, Gladney will not blaze vertically with wideouts. Yet, he runs with his eyes. That is to say, Gladney anticipates the route early, making his driving on the ball look faster. Granted, Gladney clocked a 4.48 at the combine. However, shortly after, he underwent cleanup surgery to repair a meniscus.

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From block shedding with the nimbleness to keeping his feet on quick routes, Gladney presents twitch. First, on run plays, look for his shoulder to dip under the stab block. More importantly, Gladney flows with the pattern, using his feet to trace and shadow, without needing to lag too far behind.


Despite his frame, weighing 191 pounds, Gladney shows no hesitation. He will drop that shoulder, sit behind his pads and lowers the boom. Is he a lights-out thumper? No, Gladney is a smaller corner. However, he displays one aspect of a tackler that every good one shows: willingness. Gladney will throw himself into the fray and make the stop. Due to his size, you can see a little drag down. Yet, watch how quickly those hands clasp and collapse.

Team Fit

Last year, the Raiders drafted Isaiah Johnson to slide into an eventual starting spot. Yet, through injury, Johnson saw his rookie year-end with a whimper. With that said, only Trayvon Mullen and Eli Apple possess the spring in their legs to stay with the better wideouts. Keisean Nixon, Nick Nelson, and Nevin Lawson should not be difficult to beat out for snaps. In fact, Gladnbey should make one or two of them disappear. Lawson lacks ball skills and looks lost with the pass in the air.

Why Gladney?

The Las Vegas Raiders, throughout their history, employed tough, rather physical corners that can dictate the pace. With Gladney, he continues that tradition of that aggressive style. If the Raiders intend on slotting Eli Apple as the second starter, they still need a slot corner. Under those circumstances, Gladney could begin his journey in a lesser role, while learning the speed and approach required to play the pro game. On top of that Gladney, will serve the slot well.

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