The latest FPC Jets Live is now out, and Michael Pallas discusses what he believes is the plan for Joe Douglas. He also talks to James Kuntz (@fuegojetstakes) from to talk XFL Free Agents.

FPC Jets Live is here to discuss the latest with the New York Jets. Michael Pallas brings the heat and his opinions once again.

Joe Douglas hasn’t done much to build the Jets in free agency. So, what is he doing? So far Douglas has signed mostly short-term deals — due to the way out of them. Michael Pallas tells you what he thinks Douglas is actually doing with the short-term deals he’s signed so far.

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XFL players are now officially permitted to sign with the NFL after the first season was canceled due to COVID-19. We have a special guest in this episode. James Kuntz — @fuegojetstakes — from brings you his opinions on who the team should bring in from the XFL.

The Jets are going to have to hit in the NFL Draft as well, and the draft is right around the corner. That means one thing. The episode ends with a mock draft. Will there be trades? Who will the Jets take? What upgrades will the Jets make?

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